Zero-G @Lawbreakers Beta Team Tournament coming July 30th!

As previously announced on this week’s Top 8 finals for War of the Gods, we are opening a team tournament that supports the latest shooting game by Bosskey and Nexon America – Lawbreakers. Players can team up to take part in rapid-fire battle sequences where the winner can take home $500.

The tournament, called Zero-G, will take place this Sunday at 7 P.M. Eastern Time. Players will be able to participate directly from their PCs. The action will be broadcast live from our page at

To register, please visit our page at Entry is completely free!

A handful of the teams who participated in the first Lawbreakers beta are expected to be among the competition this weekend, so to the viewers who enjoy seeing their favorite players in action, we don’t recommend missing out!

Lawbreakers will have an Open Beta running from July 28th to July 31st on the Playstation 4 and Steam (PC) platforms. See below for a link leading to a page where players can sign up.

A release date for the final product is not known, but you can pre-order your copy now for $29.99 at their official website. Links to download the beta on both Steam and PS4 – once it becomes available – have also been shared by the Lawbreakers Twitter.

Get ready for gravity-defying combat in the most refined shooting game yet!

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