There is a new king! @yungmonsteroffc wins Kombat Cup S2 Week 7!

It seems that nobody has been able to hold the throne consistently ever since the beginning of Kombat Cup’s second season. The entire league can best be described as an unending game of tug ‘o war between familiar faces and new players rising up to give them a challenge.

Before you read, it should be noted that cE oD Full Auto qualified for the Week 7 finals but was unable to participate that night, so his opponent, HARA Rewind, would proceed to the semifinals by default. Additionally, we were not able to capture the whole set between Echo Fox Scar and newcomer cK KingGambler, save for their final match. We can tell you that the set ended with a 3-1 result in Scar’s favor.

Other than that, we have a recap of the rest of the results. Enjoy!

It seems to be an unspoken tradition for Echo Fox Sonic Fox and Noble iLuusions to meet in the Kombat Cup finals again and again. Despite his previous loss to Sonic, Luu decides to give his Nimble Reptile another chance, but he has no answer to the swiftness of Sonic’s Dragon Naginata Tanya. As Sonic goes up one game, Luu counters with Sorcerer Quan Chi, who comes equipped with a five-frame NJP that serves as the perfect answer to Tanya’s air-based gameplay, teleports included. Sonic immediately senses futility in the match-up and decides to unleash his Gunslinger Erron Black once again. Luu consistently escapes Erron’s tick throws simply by eating a normal right before the grab connects, but Sonic is able to maintain his offense nonetheless. Luu’s sudden trouble in utilizing his armored portal contributes to his defeat, prompting yet another character change (this seems to be an ongoing trend between the two). Much to Mr Aquaman’s delight, Sun God Kotal Kahn makes his return, but Sonic easily keeps him at bay with a barrage of sand grenades and coin shots, rendering Luu unable to utilize his offensive tools. Sonic quickly pushes Luu to the edge of defeat, but Luu scores a knockdown and calls out an EX Sun Beam to quickly regenerate his health while enduring the chip damage from Sonic. Unfortunately, as the beam dies, so does Luu’s last hope of victory. Sonic conquers him 3-1 to advance in the Kombat Cup!

Expectations are running high for TitaniumTigerzz, who’d run it back three games straight against Noble Dragon after being down 0-2 – with Balanced Kenshi no less! His first round against yungmonster goes well up until the htistun of his EX Shoulder Charge is cut short due to the second hit whiffing, leaving him open to a punish. Tigerzz tries to recover, but a failed anti-air costs him his round and eventually the match. The second match is a little more competitive, but yungmonster expertly maneuvers around his zoning to take a 2-0 lead in the set. The tiger’s fury is unleashed when Tigerzz switches over to Relentless Jason and pummels his opponent with an onslaught of uppercuts without a care in the world for his opponent’s pressure. Flustered, yungmonster throws all his meter away for an X-ray that doesn’t connect and he tries to follow it up with pressure strings, but Tigerzz picks him off with another uppercut to get himself on the board. As the set extends to a fourth game, Tigerzz secures a quick first round while shoving his opponent to the corner, but yungmonster finally begins to control the pace with his machine guns. Tigerzz demonstrates remarkable patience by crouching the guns while walking to his opponent, but all of his efforts to come in with a full-screen punch are for naught. The two eventually find themselves at the center of Kuatan Jungle, standing completely full-screen from one another. Just as Tigerzz leaps off an interactable, he is tagged by yungmonster’s dash punch which leads into an amazing conversion that guarantees the Jacqui specialist’s victory!

The first semifinals match would go on to become a highlight of the night, as HARA Rewind’s Raiden takes on Sonic Fox’s Cassie Cage. The two characters possess tools that drastically sway the neutral into their favor, so both players are intent on looking for their opponent to whiff buttons before coming in for the kill. Rewind begins each match with a hasty teleport or jump-over only for Sonic to be ready with the correct response every time. This does not deter Rewind from playing his game of applying strong pressure augmented by plus/safe frames. The deadly hitbox of Raiden’s F4 forces Sonic to be cautious even while in range of his B1 attack. Eventually Sonic’s can is popped open by Rewind’s severely unsafe overheads, which in turn lead to high damage. The two begin trading games with one another, with Sonic’s wins coming at a fast pace while Rewind’s are earned via prolonged but effective adaptations. One particularly impressive moment in the set is when Rewind knocks Sonic down, runs up and cancels a normal into EX Vicinity Blast to punish the wake-up attack and tie up the set 2-2. Unfortunately, his abuse of the torpedo attack finally catches up to him and Sonic capitalizes on each and every one he blocks. Rewind puts up a valiant effort, but he ultimately falls to the Fox once again.

Next, Sonic’s comrade, Echo Fox Scar, seeks to eliminate yungmonster to set up a team kill in the Grand Finals. However, yungmonster has no intention of going down quietly. Scar earns the first combo of the set but drops it and is punished while still in recovery from his F43 string. The consequence is corner carry plus a lost round. In response, Scar pushes his foe all the way across the level to subject him to his own dose of corner control, but yungmonster fights him off. Scar tries to jump in only to be anti-aired by an EX Up Rocket, but what happens next shocks everybody to their core: yungmonster runs under Scar as he’s falling to the ground and throws him for unbreakable damage! This genius play by yungmonster earns him his first win. In the second game, Scar does not drop a single combo this time, and he also resets yungmonster with some very sneaky staggers. yungmonster breaks out of Scar’s combo and tries to jump away, but he gets tagged by a pre-emptive Trident just before he drops back to the ground! Scar’s newfound confidence drives him to take an early risk that sacrifices all of his momentum, allowing yungmonster to lead the set 2-1. In a surprise twist, Scar resurrects his Hat Trick Kung Lao from the shadows. After a rough first round, Scar lands an EX Hat Toss from a distance and begins a sequence that carries yungmonster across the level, but he fails to keep his prey locked down. yungmonster lands a jump-in for a huge combo with the damage reaching the lower 40s. For some strange reason, Scar neither breaks the combo nor blocks his opponent’s meaty string! This crucial error in judgment costs Scar his life in the Kombat Cup.

With Scar’s elimination, SonicFox steps forward to confront yungmonster for the Kombat Cup crown. At once we see a change in yungmonster’s style: he becomes focused on controlling space with his guns and rockets to avoid fighting Sonic at close quarters. This strategy proves effective, forcing the lone Echo Fox representative out of his comfort zone to the point he must take risks to approach. Sonic eventually jumps past yung’s zoning to score very damaging combos, but rather than ending with Nut Punch he opts to knock his opponent down with either another flipkick or even a F4 4 which practically forces a quick rise. During times where yungmonster is forced to brawl, he’s more than willing to inject the Stanky Leg into the neutral, which does a remarkable job of intimidating the Fox. yung even back-dashes the last hit of Cassie’s infamous five-hit string, a tactic that is rarely ever utilized by any player. Sonic finds himself unable to escape situations without either taking damage or expending a Breaker. yungmonster cements his 2-1 lead over Sonic with a devastating Brutality, but Sonic practically goes to town on him in Game 4 to remind him that he has not yet claimed victory. The battle rages on, with Sonic finding a game-winning conversion in the corner but somehow dropping it! At once yung seizes the opportunity to perform a miracle. He puts himself at negative frames and then throws an EX BF2 out to not only steal Sonic’s turn, but also snatch the round from the jaws of defeat. Sonic attempts to recover, but yung forces out an unsafe reversal from him and punishes. A failed anti-air almost costs yung his momentum, but yet another dropped conversion from Sonic seals his fate…



Final Results

1st – yungmonster
Prizes: $250 and 150 league points

2nd – Echo Fox Sonic Fox
Prizes: $100 and 125 league points

3rd/4th – HARA Rewind
Prizes: $50 and 75 league points

3rd/4th – Echo Fox Scar
Prizes: $50 and 75 league points

5th – cE oD FullAuto
Prizes: 50 league points

5th – cK KingGambler
Prizes: 50 league points

5th – Noble iLuusions
Prizes: 50 league points

5th – TitaniumTigerzz
Prizes: 50 league points

Match Log


Echo Fox Scar (Sonya and Smoke): 3 vs. cK KingGambler (D’Vorah): 1

yungmonster12 (Jacqui Briggs): 3 vs. TitaniumTigerzz (Kenshi and Jason): 1

Echo Fox Sonic Fox (Tanya and Erron Black): 3 vs. Noble iLuusions (Reptile, Quan Chi and Kotal Kahn): 1

(due to Full Auto’s absence, HARA Rewind advances by default)


Echo Fox Scar (Smoke and Kung Lao): 1 vs. yungmonster12 (Jacqui Briggs): 3

Echo Fox Sonic Fox (Cassie Cage): 3 vs. HARA Rewind (Raiden): 2

Grand Finals

Echo Fox Sonic Fox (Cassie Cage): 2 vs. yungmonster12 (Jacqui Briggs): 3

By taking out both of Echo Fox’s champions, yungmonster12 becomes your Week 7 Kombat Cup champion! His victory also propels him to second place in the Kombat Cup rankings while pushing Sonic down to third place. Semiij, however, continues to lead the rankings at 1st place with 615 points.

As well, shout-outs to HARA Flowchart for becoming the Konquest #7 champion!

So…what will happen in Week 8? You will need to tune in this Wednesday at 8 P.M. Eastern Time to witness our next Top 8 bracket! Which eight kombatants are coming for that crown this time? See below for a look into the future.

If you didn’t get to watch the action while it was live, feel free to catch up by watching this archive!

We thank Mr Aquaman and Big D for casting the Week 7 finals, and we also thank you, the players and viewers, for your unending support of the Kombat Cup. We hope you will rejoin us this Wednesday evening for some more high-level Mortal Kombat XL!

Keep in mind that you can sign up for any bracket for the Kombat Cup as well as Konquest. For the latter, however, you can only enter if you have not placed within the Top 4 of the Kombat Cup bracket that week. See below to sign up for our next brackets:

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