Yungmonster wins Kombat Cup Week 8!

Week 8 ends tonight with an explosive finish! ‘Tis the season for unpredictable results from another set of eight players with amazing gameplay to bring to the table. This week has brought us matches that you simply MUST rewatch when the playlist makes it to our YouTube (linked at the bottom of the post).

The first quarterfinals match would take us out of our typical setting as it would be played offline on a shared console, so the Share Play feature was used to bring their amazing confrontation to you live. Our returning champion, RevetLeafing, would square off against his own relative, yungmonster, who manages to make his return to Top 8 by conquering SonicFox in the Jacqui Briggs mirror with a reverse 3-0 comeback.

As promised via Twitter, yungmonster busts out his High Tech Jacqui while Revet goes with his Dragon Naginata Tanya. As High Tech Jacqui is a character that is able to maintain plus frames at a near-constant rate, Revet is not eager to engage his opponent up-close, so he abuses his air mobility as hard as possible to fluster his brother. After losing the first two games, yungmonster reverts to his Full Auto variation in order to make use of the upper missiles to cancel out that air mobility, forcing Revet to play more conservatively. Both players effectively counter each other’s gimmicks and blockstrings, thereby demonstrating the fruits of their constant training with one another, a factor that plays into how clutch their five-game set becomes. In the end, with one final conversion after a blocked X-ray, yungmonster emerges victorious 3-2 over RevetLeafing!

As Kombat Cup goes back to the online realm, newcomer ArmedCalf steps forward to take on GTG Semiij. The first round is such a convincing display of ArmedCalf’s domination, but with Semiij fighting back, Calf’s nerves eventually freeze him in place, leaving him vulnerable to his opponent’s cross-over set-ups in the corner. Eventually he cracks and tries to anti-air only to fail, and Semiij takes the first game. The second game goes by in a blur and Calf finds himself with his back to the corner in the third game – quite literally as almost all of it takes place at the right-hand corner of the stage! However, the game goes to a third round where Calf takes a convincing life lead through a series of combos where he adds in a helping of Mileena’s rolls, courtesy of Shinnok’s Mimicry. But this commanding lead gradually crumbles into ruin due to Semiij’s tactic of baiting out Calf’s poke into the Hell Sparks by using EX Fade, awarding him whiff punishes that close out the set 3-0!

GTG SylverRye gets his runback with Noble Dragon’s Mournful Kitana from a previous Top 8 for the Kombat Cup. SylverRye starts out with Dragon’s Fire Liu Kang but is completely unable to mount any sort of offense against his opponent, so he reverts to Flame Fist after his first loss. For the most part, Match 2 comes down to a game of ping-pong with both players exchanging projectiles for nearly all of the match, until Sylver forces his opponent into the corner with a commendable life lead. However, a failure to counter-poke a blocked Shadow Kick causes Sylver’s control to slip, and Dragon pulls it all the way back to take a 2-0 lead. Obviously flustered, SylverRye changes tactics by speeding past the volley of glaives with flying kicks to keep the fight at close quarters. When a crazy backdash ends Dragon’s pressure, Sylver snatches up his first win and snacks on it like a morsel, but in the fourth game, Dragon turns Sylver’s aggression against him by punishing all of his hasty attempts to get in. Dragon defends his winning record against Rye with a 3-1 victory!

In the fourth set, Noble Raptor finally returns to Top 8 to test his worth against PG Scar. Usually known to be a top contender with Takeda, Raptor deviates from the norm with his Hellfire Scorpion, but despite his strong mix-up potential, he finds himself completely unable to break down Scar’s amazing defense, even with throws! Speaking of throws, they make up nearly 100% of Scar’s offense for the first two games, with almost none of them being teched. Down to his last legs, Raptor defects to the Lin Kuei and selects Grandmaster Sub-Zero. Scar’s defense starts to suffer in the third game as he finds himself guessing for his life after a blockstring, and even attempts to escape the corner are foiled by Raptor’s relentless pursuit. When Raptor finally gets on the board with his first win, Scar responds with the counter-pick he used to dismantle BH Lion’s Grandmaster Sub in the Sunday preliminaries: Demolition Sonya Blade. This decision causes a noticeable change in Raptor’s style, from a rock-hard wall to frantic bunny hops and sudden sacrifices of his own defense in a desperate effort to keep Scar at a distance. Scar goes on to take the set 3-1 with a rarely-seen Brutality from Demo Sonya!

With the semifinals upon us, Dragon decides to challenge Semiij with the match-up that Semiij had already conquered when he played ArmedCalf. Dragon attempts to play the trickster, but when his opponent demonstrates a complete knowledge of the match-up (such as fading through Shinnok’s follow-up after a shoulder as well as destroying Hell Sparks in the neutral), he slows down his play to scout out Semiij’s reversals. With two wins already under Semiij’s belt, the pressure runs incredibly high, both from the stakes and from Mileena’s positive frames on block. The stare-downs last for agonizing minutes before a move is finally made, and before the crowd knows it, the set extends to a fifth game. A final shoulder from Dragon to chase down Semiij’s retreat breaks the stalemate with a resounding crash, as the Week 6 Kombat Cup champion finds himself eliminated 3-2!

With Dragon waiting in Grand Finals, yungmonster12 and PG Scar fight it out for the opportunity to win the whole thing. yungmonster calls out Scar’s staggers so consistently and subjects him to a mind-blowing blender to win the first game. Scar responds by returning to Demo Sonya to mix up his own recipe for a victory, only for yungmonster to wake-up with his upper rockets to blow up Scar’s neutral jump kicks which are meant to capitalize on knockdowns. With yungmonster on tournament point, Scar pins his hopes onto Smoke for one last attempt at a comeback, only for a mix-up attempt in lieu of the damage to go horribly wrong, costing him the first round! yungmonster builds upon his momentum to smother out Scar’s chances for redemption, taking the set 3-1 and advancing to Grand Finals in place of his brother RevetLeafing!

Noble Dragon is no stranger to being in the Grand Finals, but in place of SonicFox, he now has a new threat to contend with! With the return of his Bone Shaper Shinnok, he seeks to assert himself early on in the set, but yungmonster makes great use of Jacqui’s backwards walk-speed to dodge his opponent’s attacks and take the first game with unquestionable domination. In the second game, yungmonster becomes a bit too complacent walking backwards, and a crucial Hell Sparks leading into a Brutality is a harsh reminder to keep that finger close to the block button, especially considering Bone Shaper’s space control with Hell Sparks and the low scoop. But yungmonster is unfazed by the setback and adds another win to his count, forcing Dragon to revert back to Mournful Kitana in an attempt to out-zone him. This strategy does not work, as yungmonster uses his walkspeed, run and his BF2 special to not only dodge the glaive but also punish his opponent. Dragon tries desperately to jump out of his opponent’s offense only for his life bars to be completely cleaned out by yungmonster’s impressive conversions which carry a staggering damage output!

Congratulations to yungmonster12 for not only defeating last week’s Kombat Cup champion, but also usurping the title!
Both brothers now have a Kombat Cup win to boast about!

Final Results

1st – yungmonster12
Prizes: $250 and 150 league points

2nd – Noble Dragon
Prizes: $100 and 125 league points

3rd/4th – PG Scar
Prizes: $50 and 75 league points

3rd/4th – GTG Semiij
Prizes: $50 and 75 league points

5th – Noble Raptor
Prizes: 50 league points

5th – GTG SylverRye
Prizes: 50 league points

5th – ArmedCalf
Prizes: 50 league points

5th – RevetLeafing
Prizes: 50 league points

Match Log


yungmonster12 (High Tech Jacqui Briggs and Full Auto Jacqui Briggs): 3 vs. RevetLeafing (Dragon Naginata Tanya and Pyromancer Tanya): 2

ArmedCalf (Impostor Shinnok): 0 vs. GTG Semiij (Ethereal Mileena): 3

Noble Dragon (Mournful Kitana): 3 vs. GTG SylverRye (Dragon’s Fire Liu Kang and Flame Fist Liu Kang): 1

PG Scar (Smoke and Demolition Sonya Blade): 3 vs. Noble Raptor (Hellfire Scorpion and Grandmaster Sub-Zero): 1


yungmonster12 (Full Auto Jacqui Briggs): 3 vs. PG Scar (Smoke and Demolition Sonya Blade): 1

GTG Semiij (Ethereal Mileena): 2 vs. Noble Dragon (Impostor Shinnok): 3

Grand Finals

yungmonster12 (Full Auto Jacqui Briggs): 3 vs. Noble Dragon (Bone Shaper Shinnok and Mournful Kitana): 2

Once again, a new champion has taken over the Kombat Cup! There is no longer a consistency in the results, as the crown is constantly being passed from one player to another! Check out the official rankings from the image below to see who remains in the running for the season finale.

It’s important to note that while Konquest is a go for this Thursday, there will NOT be a Kombat Cup this weekend due to the Christmas holidays, nor will there be a Konquest bracket next week. The league will resume on Monday, December 26th. If you want to grab some last-minute points before our hiatus, we recommend you sign up for Konquest tomorrow!

Also, next month, our KrossUp league for Killer Instinct will begin, as will the newly announced Savage Series for Street Fighter V! See the linked articles for details!

Thanks to Mr Aquaman and Echo for lightening up the Christmas season with another top-notch broadcast of the Kombat Cup action! We hope to see all of you for the final four weeks of the Kombat Cup!

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