yungmonster wins Kombat Cup S2 Week 5!

As we approach the halfway point of Kombat Cup Season 2, upsets keep shaking the brackets with as much force as an earthquake.

In Week 4 and at Final Round XX, Noble Dragon finally broke SonicFox’s win streak against him, and twice in a row at that. His confidence was sky-high as he re-entered the Kombat Cup to remind everybody about the continuing rise in his skill level. Would he defend his streak, or would another kombatant usurp the throne?!

Kicking off the Top 8 would be a match that features a newcomer named Sweet Neptune (Johnny Cage), who takes on Starcharger (Kitana). Unlike most Kitanas, Star prefers to live on the wild side by fighting from the mid-range, though this can be a risky strategy against A-List Johnny Cage who has the ability to whiff-cancel his attacks at the cost of stamina. Cage’s F2 normal proves to be Star’s Achilles heel as he gets clocked by the overhead so many times throughout the set. That being the case, Star makes it a point to armor out of Cage’s offense as much as he possibly can. Twice Star catches Cage’s 1 1 3 string whiffing on the second hit, creating a window for a punish opportunity. With each knockdown, Star is quick to apply his float into his okizeme before settling for a throw to put himself at a favorable range. Neptune’s fireballs are a rare occurrence, yet effective while the life lead favors him. The EX Shadow Kick gives Neptune quite the edge in the neutral as Star finds himself unable to scout it let alone punish it. Eventually the Assassin parry comes back into play and Neptune immediately settles for approaching with his F3 and F2 attacks. The set comes down to the wire until the final round during which Star cannot get anything going whatsoever, and Neptune proceeds to win 3-2!

The Top 8 would continue with an unfortunate team kill between Noble Tweedy (Kenshi) and Noble Dragon (Kitana). Resurrecting his Assassin variation, Dragon is quick to send a message to his opponent by sweeping through the first game. In response, Tweedy finds a clutch Breaker in the second game and proceeds to pressure his opponent until Dragon caves in and takes a risk, leaving him open to a demon attack from full-screen. Tweedy helps himself to the rest of the match afterwards. With the threat of grabs an ever-present factor in Tweedy’s offense, Dragon maintains a solid defense while waiting for his opportunity. A quick jump-back 2 to punish the teleport aids greatly in Dragon’s chances, enough for him to take a 2-1 lead. Tweedy answers back yet again in Game 4, conserving his meter in Round 2 in favor of a raw wake-up overhead that sets the stage for his mix-up game. Dragon is cautious in scouting out Tweedy’s reversals, which rarely ever come, but they take him by surprise and Tweedy ties up the set 2-2. All looks lost for Dragon in the final match, especially with Tweedy holding a 50%+ life lead in Round 2, but a punished teleport completely puts an end to Tweedy’s momentum. A combo drop from Dragon allows Tweedy to begin creating a miracle, but Dragon guesses correctly against an EX Low Demon and counter-pokes to snuff out Tweedy’s final pixel. Dragon takes it 3-1!

Semiij, no longer affiliated with GTG, takes on Frozen Acid’s Scorpion in a match made in Hell…quite literally. Frozen Acid expresses that Semiij is his only concern as far as obstacles in the bracket go, so if he were to win, he’d feel rightly confident. And he certainly came prepared with some tech that acts as a counter to Semiij’s wake-up Fade, namely a D3 cancelled into the Flame Aura! Obviously caught unawares, Semiij fights to keep Acid jailed under pressure, but he himself lets off of block at the wrong time allowing Acid to convert a B1 2 into the killing combo! In spite of the clutch victory, Semiij survives on a pixel long enough to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat, proving that he is far from beaten. But Acid’s confidence continues to rise as he actually tags Semiij with “random” teleports and grabs, a strategy that rarely ever works against him! With Semiij’s sais being punished on reaction as well, his options quickly dwindle, but despite his low success rate in combos he continues to pose a threat to Acid. With the set tied at 2-2, Acid continues to variate his offense in order to keep Semiij guessing. Eventually Semiij’s defense falters, so much so that the life difference becomes a huge advantage for Acid, who tosses out a pre-emptive uppercut to catch a forward jump from his opponent. Acid’s 3-2 victory over Semiij will be recognized as one of the most tremendous upsets ever seen in the Kombat Cup!

The streak of five-match sets has run at an all-time high and it would continue with this set between yungmonster and Circa Destroyer. The matches are very much like games of dodgeball with both players carefully choosing their opportunities to fill the screen with projectiles. Jacqui’s smaller hitbox aids yungmonster in avoiding even Predator’s enhanced laser attacks at midscreen. Destroyer stands poised to take the first game, but he lets yungmonster find the one jump-in he needs to cash out a jaw-dropping amount of damage. Regardless, Destroyer edges out yungmonster in the zoning war to take a 1-0 lead, only to lose it when yungmonster continues to find crucial jump-ins. Interestingly enough, yungmonster appears to find more success at zoning than Predator does given the faster start-up of her machine guns, which consistently prevent Predator’s discs from coming into play except at the most crucial times when Destroyer grabs that last pixel for the win. Destroyer is also willing to get dirty up-close…especially when it comes to preventing his opponent from trying to challenge his positive block frames. After four mind-blowing matches, Destroyer appears to have run out of gas as he is unable to prevent yungmonster from dominating him at close range. yungmonster wins 3-2 to proceed to the semifinals!

Noble Dragon is well on his way back to Grand Finals, but he must first overcome Sweet Neptune, who decides to switch to his Stunt Double variation to keep the match-up fresh. Dragon also changes variations, from Assassin to Royal Storm. The first round runs an incredibly one-sided course in favor of Neptune while Dragon struggles to adjust to his mimic-based offense, but eventually he finds himself some breathing room. Neptune patiently walks Dragon down, ducking his fans as he goes, and the two engage in unending rounds of close combat. However, Neptune’s fingers fly off the block button almost every time he holds a jump-in, leaving him vulnerable to Kitana’s extremely damaging combos. Neptune tries but fails to block Dragon’s X-ray at the end of the first match. In Game 2, Neptune jumps back to his A-List variation while factoring more grabs into his offense, forcing Dragon to poke out with D3 or find an opportunity for an armored launcher whenever he has two bars at the ready. Dragon resolves to never eat the overhead, but this decision leaves him open to a streak of D4 attacks that eventually kills him in Round 2. Nevertheless, Dragon is quick to recover and he takes a 2-0 lead. Desperate, Neptune switches to a Sektor that is distinctly lacking in reversals. He is quick to take the first game, but Dragon is unfazed and he eventually puts Neptune in a situation where he cannot escape a chip-out from his Square Wave meaty. With a clean 3-0, Dragon makes his return to the Grand Finals!

With his earlier victory over Semiij, Frozen Acid seeks to fulfill a self-imposed prophecy where he proceeds to win the Kombat Cup, but yungmonster has something to say about that. Frozen Acid’s confident playstyle leads him to an inch from victory in the first game, but he is pulled away from it by a heartbreaking combo drop that leads to a lost round. His newfound habit in using the fake teleport to get out is a sign of his crumbling composure, a weakness that yungmonster capitalizes on by punishing the teleport cancel on its recovery. Fully aware of Jacqui’s powerful 50/50 options as well as her BF2 shoulder rush, Frozen Acid blatantly refuses to approach from the ground, but his jump-ins leave him open to yungmonster’s air rockets which grant him corner carry and an impressive amount of damage. Acid finally baits out his opponent with a back-step into the jump-3 teleport link, but sadly his consistency in combos suffers drastically causing him to miss out on damage. With no means to recover, Frozen Acid is eliminated from the Kombat Cup, although we still commend him for such a well-played exhibition against Semiij in the quarterfinals!

It’s a young man’s game as Noble Dragon and yungmonster square off against one another for the right to be crowned the Week 5 winner. In a surprise twist, Dragon rocks neither Assassin nor Royal Storm, but Mournful Kitana. This decision becomes all the more interesting as Dragon converts off an anti-air counter-poke for around 30% at the start of the first match. However, Dragon tries to get greedy with his Shadow Kick afterwards, only to be blown up by a neutral crouch from his opponent. His F2 normals become less effective due to yung’s immaculate spacing with the machine gun. Dragon shoves his opponent into the corner with another side-switching combo, but when he fails to block the corner interactable, he is forced into a guessing situation. He guesses incorrectly against Jacqui’s overhead and yungmonster takes Game 1. The next matches are quick to dissolve into scrambles with both players becoming rather maniacal out of desperation to wrest control of the corner from one another. Although Dragon starts each game with a win in the first round, yungmonster adapts on the fly to send him packing. Now cautious, Dragon backs off in order to zone with glaives, although this carries the consequence of yungmonster walking him to the corner. Dragon finds a knockdown of his own and tries to go for a float set-up, but yungmonster runs right out to punish with a Stanky Leg for a juggle combo! In a plot twist to end all plot twists, yungmonster defeats Noble Dragon 3-0 to win the Kombat Cup!

Final Results

1st – yungmonster
Prizes: $250 and 150 league points

2nd – Noble Dragon
Prizes: $100 and 125 league points

3rd/4th – Sweet Neptune
Prizes: $50 and 75 league points

3rd/4th – Frozen Acid
Prizes: $50 and 75 league points

5th – Circa Destroyer
Prizes: 50 league points

5th – Noble Tweedy
Prizes: 50 league points

5th – Starcharger
Prizes: 50 league points

5th – Semiij
Prizes: 50 league points

Match Log


Starcharger (Kitana): 2 vs. Sweet Neptune (Johnny Cage): 3

Semiij (Mileena): 2 vs. Frozen Acid (Scorpion): 3

Noble Tweedy (Kenshi): 2 vs. Noble Dragon (Kitana): 3

Circa Destroyer (Predator): 2 vs. yungmonster (Jacqui Briggs): 3


Noble Dragon (Kitana): 3 vs. Sweet Neptune (Johnny Cage and Sektor): 0

Frozen Acid (Scorpion): 0 vs. yungmonster (Jacqui Briggs): 3

Grand Finals

yungmonster (Jacqui Briggs): 3 vs. Noble Dragon (Kitana): 0

Sincere congratulations to yungmonster for claiming victory in Week 5! His last victory in the Cup was during Week 8 in Season 1, one week after his brother RevetLeafing ascended to the throne. Such an outcome goes to show that no matter how consistent one player can be, nobody can relax when faced with competition this deadly.

So who will take Week 6? Tune in this Wednesday at 8 P.M. EST to find out! See below to learn which players emerged from last Sunday’s preliminaries.

In the meantime, it’s not too late to sign up for the remainder of the Season 2 brackets for Kombat Cup and the secondary Konquest series! All brackets can be found at our page on Smash.GG. Please be advised that only North American players who are at least sixteen years of age will be eligible to participate. Also be advised that we will not have a Konquest bracket this week, but we will return next Sunday at 6 P.M. EST for Week 7 of the Kombat Cup.

Sincere thanks to Mr Aquaman and Big D for casting the Week 5 finals! Kitana Prime was unavailable to commentate due to outside circumstances, but we shall be happy to see him return this Wednesday so that he and Aqua can bring us an exciting recap of the Week 6 Top 8!

Our thanks also go out to everyone for playing in the Kombat Cup and Konquest! Your support is very meaningful to all of us here at Stream.Me, and it is that support that drives us to bring you high-quality events online.

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