“Yumiko Update” has gone live for @Brawlhalla!

Yesterday, Patch 2.59 went live for the free-to-play fighting game on PC, Brawlhalla. This patch introduces a new fighter named Yumiko the Kitsune, who wields a Bow and Hammer in combat. Test features have also been graduated while others have been removed and balance improvements have also been thrown in.

However, the introduction of this patch did bring about a few minor bugs that had to be corrected via a follow-up patch that was just released an hour ago. You can read up about Patch 2.59 above and the follow-up patch below.

A portion of the changes introduced by Patch 2.59 are listed below for your convenience, but we recommend you visit their blog to get the complete list as well as explanations from the dev team regarding each of these adjustments.

New Legend – Yumiko!

  • Yumiko the Kitsune is now available to play in Brawlhalla!
  • Weapons: Bow & Hammer
  • Stats: 4/7/4/7

Three Yumiko Skins are available.

  • Lil’ Yumiko – Totes Adorbs.
  • Tokyo Yumiko – An urban legend.
  • Cursed Mask Yumiko – You forget to cleanse ONE little mask.


  • Bonus login gold to celebrate PS4 Closed Beta has ended! You can still sign up for the PS4 Closed Beta at beta.brawlhalla.com
  • The Cosmic Chest is now available with chest exclusive skins General Vraxx, Apex Predator Asuri, and Infinite Wu Shang.   
  • The Imperial Chest has departed.

Brawl Of The Week

A game of quick alliances, and sudden betrayals.  

  • 3 Player FFA
  • 3 Minutes Timed

Test Features

Graduated from Test Features

Wall Slip

  • After performing any combination of 15 air jumps, wall jumps, or Recovery powers without landing on the ground, the player will immediately Wall Slip.
  • Aerial jumps, Recovery, and Dodge are disabled while in a Wall Slip state.
  • If Wall Slip has not been reached, its counter will be fully reset if the player hits or is hit by another player.
  • Gadgets and thrown weapons do not count for the purposes of resetting Wall Slip.
  • Warnings will trigger from the 9th jump onward, with warnings as 9, 12, and all 15 jumps have been consumed. (They will appear as “!”, “!!”, and “!!!” respectively)

Removed/Added Test Features

Stale Move Negation

  • Removed.

Move Variety Bonus

  • When hitting with an attack, if it was not one of the last six attacks that hit, it will deal an extra 5% Damage and Force.
  • If the hit is with a weapon (including unarmed) that was not used in the last six attacks, this is a 10% bonus instead.


  • Updated netcode algorithm slightly to dial back what seemed like excessive penalties for players in the 40-60ms ping range.
  • New update also take average frame time into account.

Looking to try out Brawlhalla for yourself? Visit their Steam community’s page to download it! The game will also be coming to the Playstation 4 this summer, but you can sign up for a closed beta right now at this page. Both versions are free to play!

For more information on Brawlhalla, follow this blog and the pages below:

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