@Yomi_Gaming hosts Post-FR Party, “Shenanigans 2K17!”

If ever you feel like taking a detour during Final Round, you might be interested in paying a visit to the Yomi Gaming HQ, where an FGC party called “Shenanigans 2K17” will take place on March 11th!

The Yomi HQ is located only five minutes away from the Georgia International Convention Center, which is where Final Round will be going down in two weeks! Entry will be free of charge for everybody until 10:30, during which all male visitors will be charged $10 before having access to the venue. Guests from inside and outside the Atlanta FGC will have an opportunity to take part in Challenge Matches that could very well be shared via Yomi’s live stream!

Here’s some glimpses into the Yomi arcade…

What is Yomi, you ask?

Founded by YOMI Reno Racks, it began as a superpower arcade in the city of Atlanta for players from all fighting games, including Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter. A team was eventually created to represent the brand. This team would consist of an army of legends from the NRS scene including Forever King, the Terry brothers, Michaelangelo, and so on. It would also feature titans like Dieminion and Joel from the competitive Street Fighter scene.

One of Yomi’s biggest attractions was a weekly series called Capcom Mondays, an event where players could compete in Ultra Street Fighter 4 and Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3. One of its matches would come to be considered a piece of history, as Justin Wong (who’d been partnered with Evil Geniuses at the time) would pay a visit to Atlanta’s arcade to compete for a $1k pot bonus. Check out this Grand Finals match between Justin and GB Dapvip!

Unfortunately, Yomi ceased to function as a public arcade after some time, but its team remained to hold down the fort at countless events around the country. In fact, fans can look forward to YOMI DJT’s return to competitive MKX in the Kombat Cup finals this Wednesday at 8 P.M. EST! See the post below to learn about who he will face off against for the chance to wear the crown!

If you’re a fan of Yomi and you’re coming to Final Round, you’ll get an opportunity to meetĀ up with a portion of the team! The founder of Yomi itself will be present at this celebration alongside YOMI Slayer, YOMI MIT and YOMI DJT! The latter two have confirmedĀ their attendance for Shenanigans 2K17 via a post seen below!

What a weekend to be a fighting game player! The clock is quickly ticking down, so make your plans and get ready for the FINAL ROUND!

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