World Gaming Federation presents CPT Premier Event, “Ultimate Fighting Arena!”

This weekend, the Capcom Pro Tour continues at not one, but two locations.

The SoCal FGC will host West Coast Warzone 6, which will double as a ranking event for the CPT. Players will be able to compete for points that will improve their standing in the CPT Global Leaderboards. For more information, consider reading this post.

As for the other event…?

The World Gaming Federation, or WGF for short, has partnered with Gameline to present Ultimate Fighting Arena, an event focused exclusively on Street Fighter V! Unlike WCW6, this event will be a Premier Event for the CPT, meaning that the tournament champion will immediately guarantee himself a spot for Capcom Cup 2017, which occurs in December!

The event will take place at the Jean-Bouin Stadium on April 8th and April 9th, with each day corresponding to a different phase of the tournament. The stadium spans 2,000 square meters in size and will be home to the SFV community for the whole weekend.

The bracket is currently capped at 512 players with 182 of its slots filled. We expect to see the numbers rise as the world’s best SFV players are expected to make an appearance at Paris to fight for a spot in the Capcom Cup’s 32-man bracket!

Who can you expect to see at the event?! Well, let’s see…how about Ricki Ortiz, K-Brad and Fchamp?!

Also included are some of Japan’s finest, such as Yukadon, GO1, Kazunoko, Echo Fox Tokido and so on! We highly advise against missing out on this event.

In addition to the opportunity to qualify for the Capcom Cup, the players will be competing for a share of a $15,000 prize pool! Now that’s some serious cash right there!

Players must be at least thirteen years of age to participate in the event, and they must also purchase either a player ticket or a spectator’s pass. To make a purchase and/or to learn more about the event, check out WFG’s official website. They must also present identification in the form of a driver’s license, a non-driver’s license or a passport.

If you yourself are going, we wish you the best of luck! Prepare as much as you can, because large-sized brackets featuring a collection of the world’s best players are no joke.

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