With Only Two Weeks of the EU LCS Remaining, NicoThePico Leaves Fnatic

Less than one year after being assigned to the team’s coaching staff, Fnatic’s League of Legends head coach, Nicholas “NicoThePico” Korsgaard, has parted ways with the organization due to unforeseen internal complications.

“We started off looking good and had apparent synergy and meshed well together, both in and out of game,” wrote the former coach via Fnatic’s announcement, “As time went on we started facing challenges on the inside. As a result, problems occurred that I could not foresee beforehand and fix in due time.”

Initially picked up as an assistant coach to Luis “Deilor” Petit, NicoThePico joined Fnatic towards the end of the 2016 Summer Split. He transitioned into a head coaching role when Deilor took his leave just a few weeks later. Unfortunately, Fnatic was unable to qualify for the 2016 World Championships, losing to H2k 0-3 early in the season playoffs and coming in third in the EU Regional Finals.

During the 2017 Spring Split, Fnatic’s luck has not seemed to look up. With a mediocre 4-6 score, Fnatic currently stands in third place Group A of the EU LCS.

“As I have been unable to provide the needed remedy, I feel that someone else with an outside perspective on the team and its issues, in both draft and gameplay, might be a better solution than what I was able to provide. I’ve decided to step down as Head Coach of FNC effective immediately.”

Finlay “Quaye” Stewart will be temporarily assuming the role of coach until the organization can land a proper coach, with EU CS Team Manager Michael “Garki” Bolze shouldering his duties as LCS Team Manager.

“I am of the belief that we have a truly talented group of players capable of far more than where we currently sit in the standings,” said Quaye, “I will do my best to give the players a better structure and the resources needed to succeed …The situation is far from ideal but we strongly believe that we are moving in the right direction.”

Their Week 8 match against Giants Gaming, who are in last place with an unfortunate 2-8 streak, will be played this Saturday, March 25th.

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