Why you should register for @ecthrowdown 2017!

This September, East Coast Throwdown returns to New Jersey to celebrate the fighting game genre!

The event was founded by Long Island Joe a.k.a. LI Joe, who is currently acknowledged as the only American to make Top 8 in a Street Fighter world finals at Evolution. In his debut on the World Stage, he took out Eita’s Ken before losing the Nash mirror to Yukadon in Capcom’s latest entry to the franchise, Street Fighter V.

For those who’d like to check out Joe’s matches, here you go…

LI Joe vs. HM Eita
LI Joe vs. Yukadon

His tournament career started at the 8 on the Break weekly locals in his hometown. Eventually, his experiences led him to become involved with a team of organizers that would give life to the ECT series. Before they knew it, the eventĀ evolved from a gathering in a hotel room…into a high-quality event recognized for its worldwide coverage and the ultimate quality of gameplay from its participants!

Fun fact: Joe celebrated his birthday near the end of March. We know it’s a tad late, but it wouldn’t hurt to send him your best wishes…AND register for his event. Doing so will benefit you just as much as it will him. šŸ˜‰

How will it benefit you, you ask? Read on…

As indicated above, you will receive a free t-shirt modeled after the event if you register online before April 25th. We advise you take advantage of this early bird special because the price will go up after the deadline.

But that’s not all! According to the ECT Twitter account’s feed, the event has partnered with multiple fighting game leagues to award additional prizes to players who place high enough. For instance, ECT has recently been acknowledged by the Burst League as a ranking event. If you compete in Guilty Gear, King of Fighter XIV or Blazblue, you will receive Burst League points if your performance meets their standards. See the Burst League’s Smash.GG page for details.

Additionally, ECT doubles as a ranking event for the Capcom Pro Tour. You will not immediately qualify for the Capcom Cup should you win, but you will receive a substantial amount of points should your placing be satisfactory.

Finally, Marvel players will be pleased to know that ECT has partnered with the Curleh Circuit to award ranking points to those who participate in Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3! These points will qualify you into the Curleh Finale. More details to be released in another article soon. See below to learn about how many points you can win at ECT:

The event is quite a lot of months away from happening, but for the competitors, that should be a good thing. Plenty of time to prepare to grab league points from multiple fighting game titles!

Register for East Coast Throwdown 2017 by visiting their Smash.GG page. Again, the deadline for the early bird special is April 25th. The event itself has been relocated to the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Fairfield, NJĀ so that players will have access to a larger venue. Players will also enjoy free wi-fi, an indoor pool, a free hall shuttle and a 24-hour fitness center.

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