Why you should attend Killer Instinct World Cup 2017

As the Killer Instinct scene knows, we are exactly one month away from celebrating the game at our second World Cup on March 10-12, 2017. The event is brought to you by Ultra Arcade and will occur at the Tobin Center in San Antonio, Texas.

As a former attendant of last year’s World Cup, I will use this post to present a case as to why you should consider making plans to join in on the festivities if you, too, are a fan of Killer Instinct.

For those unfamiliar with how the World Cup works, a selection of FGC events throughout the year will double as qualifiers where you can earn points and cash prizes. One can even auto-qualify by winning such an event. If the winner is already guaranteed a spot at the Cup, the non-qualified player who places the highest out of everyone will receive the honor.

At the end of the league, players who have not yet qualified but placed the highest on the Top 24 by way of points will be welcomed into the World Cup.

These standings are primarily focused on North American events, but Brandon Alexander, founder of Ultra Arcade and the World Cup, has gone above and beyond the call of duty (pun NOT intended) to include other regions in the fun. Kombo Klash events are held in Japan, France, and even the Netherlands for players to have a chance at qualifying. In fact, one such event is coming up in France next weekend…see below.

Some online brackets would also be opportunities for players to add qualifying points to their name, but winning these events would not auto-qualify them for the Cup. The 8-Bit Beatdown has recently concluded their series of brackets that supported the World Cup, and the KI Pro League is set to host their own finale this Sunday. The Ultra Tour has contributed a prize pool of $1,500 to the Pro League’s final bracket. You can sign up simply by clicking the post below.


The World Cup itself will feature a 32-man bracket that includes all of the qualified players. A small portion of the bracket is set aside for the foreigners so that they may have a chance at inclusion. Another portion will be set aside for last-minute qualifiers to be played at the Cup, so players who were unable to qualify via the normal method will get one more shot to make it in.

“How much money will they play for at the World Cup?”, you ask?

$30,000, provided by the KI Ultra Tour. Even better, this prize pool will be spread out across every player in the final bracket. In other words, simply by qualifying, you are guaranteed to make money!

Side-note: the KI Ultra Tour is a funding program that provides prize pools to KI brackets that are played online and offline. It initially started with a prize pot valued at $100,000, but with the release of Kilgore, players can now support KI tournaments simply by purchasing the character for $10! Half of all proceeds will go to the KI Ultra Tour. So for as long as interest in the game remains strong, so will prize pots for tournaments everywhere!

To purchase Kilgore, visit the in-game Store menu or go to the Xbox store on your browser.

Have you ever wanted to meet the team responsible for bringing you an amazing fighting game such as KI? Well, that’s another good reason to attend the World Cup. Special guests will be paying a visit to mingle with those in love with their franchise. As of now, two of these guests have been confirmed to be Adam “Keits” Heart, Iron Galaxy’s lead combat designer, and James Goddard, KI’s design director!

Warning: don’t badger Keits with requests for buffs or nerfs. You’ll be ignored if you do. 😉

When we say that the World Cup celebrates Killer Instinct, we don’t just mean its current incarnation, we mean the whole deal. You’ll be treated to displays of KI memorabilia from the classic and current eras, such as the original classic games. I distinctly recall glimpsing old magazines with the classic KI characters on their front covers at last year’s World Cup, and those will make their return at the Tobin Center as well!

Oh, but wait…there is more. Yes, more.

Although the event is called the Killer Instinct World Cup, Mr. Brandon Alexander and his associates have decided to let other titles join in on the fun. Their roster includes Gears of War, Overwatch, Smash Wii-U, Street Fighter V and MORE! Top players from these franchises have voiced enthusiasm over these additions and are considering attendance.

For example, top Smash Wii-U players such as NairoMK and Mkleosb are confirmed for participation in the World Cup’s Smash bracket! See the post below.

The guys behind the World Cup are getting huge props for allowing other scenes to share in on the fun instead of just focusing on one part of the FGC. That is a clear example of what it means to be a community.

Of course, simply talking about it can only do so much to get you excited, so here is a throwback to the Top 8 finals of last year’s World Cup!

Has this article helped you make up your mind? If so, consider purchasing tickets at this link. The Stream.Me crew will be attending this glorious celebration of the KI franchise, so we hope to see you there!

To give you a taste of what is to come, here is a look at the new venue for the World Cup!

In the meantime, North American players should consider entering our KrossUp series to show support for the game. Players from outside of North America can instead sign up for Week 1 of King of the Ring, hosted by The Dutch Brawlers. And YES, league points and cash prizes are up for grabs in both circuits!


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