Welcome to the Curleh Circuit, a competitive league for Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3!

One month ago, members of the competitive UMvC3 community banded together with smash.gg’s team to create the Curleh Circuit. The crew that founded the circuit includes IFC Yipes, a five-time Evolution World Championship finalist/champion, and AZAngelic, a two-time Top 3 placer at the same event.

Similar to the Burst League, players can compete in Marvel tournaments at designated events to earn league points that will ultimately qualify the winners into the Curleh Mustache Finale. These events can include weekly locals, regional events, and major events. Details on the finale have yet to be released at this time.

Recently, it was announced that East Coast Throwdown, a yearly major that takes place in New Jersey, would be a ranking event for the Curleh Circuit (you can learn more about it here). In addition, other high-profile events such as Texas Showdown and Combo Breaker will have league points on the line, as will Battle Arena Melbourne 9, a tournament organized over at the continent of Australia. And of course, NorCal Regionals, which is happening right now, doubles as a qualifier!

To see the full list of qualifiers for the Curleh Circuit, or to see the league standings for all competitors, check out its Smash.GG page.

As of now, tournament organizers can submit their events to be considered for an addition to either the Burst League or the Curleh Circuit. To do so, titles supported by either league must be included in the event, and then the organizer must create an event page for their tournament on Smash.GG. Once this is done, they can send a Tournament Submission form to Bear, one of the administrators in charge of managing the bracket website. For more information, give the Twitter post below a look.

So…when’s Mahvel?!

For more information on the Curleh Circuit, feel free to contact the following users on Twitter:

BT IFC Persia