Welcome to Kombat Cup Season 2!

In light of the success for its first season, Stream.Me is proud to present to you…Season 2 of the Kombat Cup!

The Kombat Cup is an online competitive circuit that introduces weekly brackets every Sunday evening for Mortal Kombat XL, the latest masterpiece in Netherrealm Studios’s trademark fighting game franchise. Players will compete in these brackets for the chance to qualify for the Top 8 finals which are set for Wednesday of every week. League points are awarded to those placing within Top 16 territory while the Top 4 are also treated to cash prizes that are awarded via Paypal.

Konquest, a secondary bracket series that is held every Thursday, is also rejoining the Kombat Cup for Season 2. Konquest is open only to players who do not place within the Top 4 of the preceding Kombat Cup bracket. No cash prizes will be up for grabs in Konquest, but one of the changes introduced this season is that instead of the Top 4, those who place in Konquest’s Top 8 will receive a handful of points that go towards their ranking in the Kombat Cup circuit.

For those who are latecomers to our Kombat Cup and Konquest events, continue reading for an overview of the rules.

Our brackets are only open to official residents of the United States of America and Canada. Age limits are pending. The Kombat Cup and Konquest will be hosted online via the Playstation 4 console (Pro version or regular, it does not matter). All brackets are free to enter.

As per Season 1, all bracket management will be conducted via smash.gg. Should you wish to enter, you must create an account on smash.gg. As you sign up for each bracket, you will be prompted to provide your Playstation Network signature, or PSN for short. Be advised that you must type your signature correctly or the bracket organizers will not be able to contact you for your match.

All bracket matches will follow a single elimination format. Best three of five (a race to three wins) is the victory condition. Character lock applies to the winner whereas the loser may change their character/variation or re-randomize the stage. All levels are chosen at double random.

Before each match, you must be sure to check in. This can be done via your smash.gg dashboard. Keep it open in your browser tab or on your phone to be notified as to when it is time to report for your match. When your set is completed, please report your scores (you are not required to verify the character you’ve used). In case of a match dispute, have a screenshot or video recording of the match result ready to provide if required.

All participants are welcome to stream their matches, but if they do so, they can only broadcast to the Stream.Me service. The use of any other services to broadcast your match will result in your disqualification from the bracket. Alternatively, you can use the PS4 console’s recording feature to cap your matches.

As you play through your bracket, an administrator may enter your match chat to inform you that your match will be hosted on the Kombat Cup or Konquest stream. If so, please hold off on your match until you are called to play.

All broadcasts will be held through the Stream.Me Kombat Cup page. If you are an active participant, we advise you to have the broadcast page open because, as stated in the above paragraph, you may be called to play your match on stream. Give the page a follow so you can be notified of when we go live!

If you should encounter any issues in the tournament, you can call an administrator via the match chat or reach out to them on Twitter (continue reading to learn whose accounts you can reach out to).

The Season 2 schedule is pending, but its current version is below. Exactly like with Season 1, we will be active for twelve weeks straight, for both Kombat Cup and Konquest!

Winnings to be earned via bracket participation are as follows:


Kombat Cup

First Place – $200 and 150 league points
Second Place – $100 and 125 league points
Third and Fourth Place – $50 and 75 league points
Fifth through Eighth Place – 50 league points
Ninth through Sixteenth Place – 25 league points


First Place – 25 league points
Second Place – 20 league points
Third and Fourth Place – 15 league points
Fifth through Eighth Place – 10 league points

After twelve weeks, the eight players with the highest amount of league points will convene online on May 14, 2017 to compete in the Season Finale. Contrary to the preliminaries and Konquest, the finale will be played in a double elimination style. Prizing has been expanded to cover not just the Top 4, but rather the Top 6, and it is as follows:


First Place – $1,500
Second Place – $1,000
Third Place – $700
Fourth Place – $400
Fifth Place Tie – $100 per player

Finally, we are pleased to welcome back our old friends Mr Aquaman and Echo FGC, who will be casting Season 2! Maze and Stokes are also making their return to oversee your journey through our brackets! Concerns regarding your participation in Kombat Cup or Konquest may be discussed with any of these gentlemen via their Twitter accounts, so please remember to follow them as well as the official Stream.Me Twitter account!

We’re also delighted to acknowledge that new faces will be stepping in to assist us with our goal of providing you a stable competitive environment for Season 2! Stay tuned for their introductions.

Missed out on Season 1? Fret not…all of our match footage can be found at our YouTube page! As each week of Season 2 reaches its conclusion, all of the matches featured on stream will be uploaded there, and results will be shared via this blog as well. Nobody will be left in the dust!

If you enjoyed Season 1, we’re very much hoping you will walk this road with us again. Sign up, spread the word and prepare for MORTAL KOMBAT!