Watch the Smash 4 Trailer for Civil War!

It’s one thing to talk about the FGC…it’s another to experience it for yourself.

That said, this trailer captures the magic that sustains the life of Smash 4’s expanding competitive community. Since their debut at EVO three years ago, Smash 4 players around the globe have exhibited an unending drive to realize their passions. That passion has planted the seeds that would sprout into perhaps one of the largest sub-divisions in the world of esports.

Give this trailer a watch. It’s not something that words can describe.

Now that you’ve seen the video, if you’ve never had a taste of what the world of competitive Smash is like, you might have become curious. Well…what if you could become a part of that world yourself?! This weekend, you could get the opportunity to do just that at 2GGC: Civil War!

But if you want to inject yourself into the competition, you will need to be quick, because online registration closes tonight at 6 P.M. PST (barring any changes in plans from the team that organized this event). We suggest heading over here to their Smash.GG page to complete your registration ASAP.

So what is Civil War? It’s an event that focuses solely around the Smash 4 community, brought to you by 2GG and the eSports Arena at none other than Santa Ana, California! A $30K pot bonus, provided exclusively by eSports Arena, will be distributed across brackets for Singles, Doubles and an exclusive Civil War bracket. At Civil War, you will enjoy a venue that is open 24 hours a day, as well as a live concert brought to you by Esports Music Experience, or EMX for short!

The event expects to see a collage of the world’s best Smash 4 competitors, such as ZeRo and Ally, both of whom will be putting together teams with the goal of settling their epic rivalry! Players from all over will be able to make a difference for their team simply by playing their favorite game! Compete in online events, play ladders at the event, purchase items at the Civil War Shop and participate in their Singles and Doubles brackets. Every match you play will put your team one step closer to becoming the ultimate winners!

As well, a cosplay contest will occur this Friday at 8 P.M. PST. For more details, please see this post from Zfly.

Be advised that competitor passes can only be purchased online while spectator passes can be bought online and at the venue itself. All passes are currently priced at $65 (one-day spectator passes are priced at $25), so if you have plans to attend, hurry and sign up!

It has always been said that the players are the soul of their community. Civil War is an excellent example of this concept, as the players will truly be able to take control of the event’s fate with their own hands. They can even decide what theme the event will follow simply by participating in a round robin. For more details, review this page.

Perhaps one of the most iconic events for the Smash 4 scene, Civil War is aiming for the skies as they strive for the greatest quality event that Smashers will ever participate. Practice up, fight your hardest and be sure to enjoy all the pleasantries that Santa Ana has to offer!

For more updates on 2GGC: Civil War, follow 2GGaming’s Twitter account.