Watch the Injustice 2 Story Trailer, “Shattered Alliances.”

As Injustice 2 inches closer to its release date, Netherrealm Studios continues to give us glimpses of what is to come. Today, we see a new trailer that revolves around the concept of the game’s story mode, which promises to be so epic that it could be worthy of an Oscar if it were to receive a movie adaptation.

Below is a trailer entitled “Shattered Alliances, Part 1.” Enjoy.

Notice anything about the trailer while you were watching? If not, watch it again and take note of the characters you see. Almost all of them were already known to be a part of the Injustice 2 roster, except for one fighter who is now confirmed to return from the previous installation: Cyborg!

We may as well admit it: in the first Injustice game, Cyborg was…subpar. Now that he’s confirmed to make a comeback, fans of the brawny Teen Titan cannot help but wonder how he will be redone. Perhaps he will receive a new character power as well as new combo strings, as Harley and Wonder Woman did? What is certain is that Cyborg will definitely be hitting the battlefield with different frame data, but will it be improved or worsened?

What role will Cyborg play in the story mode? The answer will be a long time coming, so for now, follow this blog and the pages below to stay updated on Injustice 2!

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