Want to compete in Injustice 2? Join the NRS Community Discord Channel!

We’re three hours away from the beginning of May 16th, the date that heralds the arrival of Injustice 2. From this moment on, every battle defines you!

Yes, this was the perfect moment to use the tagline.

If you so happen to use Discord, we’d like to invite you to join the NRS Community Discord Channel! It houses any and all players looking to level up their game for Injustice 2. Choose your character and engage in discussions with other players who share that character in order to broaden your knowledge and encourage your use of training mode, which is a vital tool for players seeking to improve.


Trying to connect with a scene in your local area? Log on to Discord and check out your region’s page to see what’s going on! There may be local tournaments around your corner that you never knew about, and while the netcode for online play is absolutely fantastic, nothing beats the thrill of facing players offline.

Ready to test your skills? The NRS Community channel also provides you with details regarding online and offline tournaments where Injustice 2 will be hosted, including StreamMe’s War of the God series which begins this Saturday and will be played online on the Playstation 4!

As a member of the NRS Community Discord, you’ll never be behind on the inner workings of your competitive community! To join the Discord, simply send me a direct message at my Twitter account. You can also contact BxA Gweedo¬†or cK Echo for invites.

We’ll announce more of our¬†channels soon, but until then, make sure to follow this blog and StreamMe’s Twitter to stay updated. Have fun with Injustice 2!