Releases Dota 2 Manager Following DDoS Attack has removed their Dota 2 Team Manager from his position after the team failed to qualify for DAC 2017, according to a press release posted to the organization’s website.

On Monday, was eliminated from the Dota 2 Asia Championships CIS Qualifier due to internet connectivity troubles that were later revealed to be the work of a DDoS attack. The team was forced to forfeit two series, the first on Friday and the second on Monday, which bumped them out of the competition.

While it would initially appear that no one within the organization was at fault, VP General Manager Roman Dvoryankin released a statement the next day that said the situation was entirely preventable, and that Dota 2 Manager Andrey “Kimi” Kvasnevsky would be leaving the organization.

“On Monday, we were the target of a DDoS attack that was also preventable,” wrote Dvoryankin, “As head of the organization, I bear the responsibility for this, and would like to apologize to the team’s fans and shareholders.”

“We have also decided that our Dota 2 roster manager, Andrey Kvasnevsky, will be leaving the team. I’d like to wish Andrey all the best of luck in the future. It wasn’t an easy decision to make.”

No reason was given for the dismissal of their Dota 2 manager, but this definitely would not be the first instance of suddenly removing an individual from their roster. Throughout their entire Dota 2 lifetime, the organization has left any number of bodies in their wake, releasing entire rosters after they failed to perform well at a premier level event, such as The International, or dropping players one-by-one not long after they signed to the organization.

It is currently unknown who was involved in the DDoS attack, or if believes that the manager was at fault for not taking preventative measures to ensure something like this could not happen.