ViCi Gaming Splits CSGO Roster In Two

Chinese eSports organization Vici Gaming has divided their Counter-Strike: Global Offensive lineup into two separate teams, according to a post made to their official Facebook page.

With the acquisition of Bin “Savage” Liu and Bingyuan “tb” Li, VC.CyberZen was officially disbanded to create the rosters Vici Gaming and Vici Gaming Renaissance. While it’s clear that the roster dubbed Vici Gaming will be the organization’s main team, given that it uses the main brand name and has more members on its roster, fans are left unsure as to why the teams were split in the first place and what role VG.Renaissance (Spelled Renascence in a posted graphic) will play.

Up until now, VG.CyberZen has seen remarkably consistent success. The team regularly comes in the top four at events they compete in, coming in at 1st at Mr. Cat Masters Asian and eXTREMESLAND ZOWIE Asia CS:GO 2016. However, most of their time on stage is spent on their own homefront, with that success rarely following them to the international scene. While they did manage to place 2nd at the World Cyber Arena 2016 and IGL 2016, the roster struggled against European and North American competition at events such as StarLadder i-League StarSeries Season 2 and WESG 2016, where they fell to 9th-12th place.

With the split, the two lineups are as follows:

Vici Gaming VG.Renaissance
Advent Savage
zhokiNg tb
LoveYY Xygzzz
uki AR
amtV Supreme

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