Upload your VODs directly to YouTube

Now you can upload all your favorite VOD’s directly from StreamMe to your YouTube channel without having to wait for them to download in between!

Check out your Video Manager (https://www.stream.me/archive/manage) page and for each VOD, you’ll see an option to ‘Upload to YouTube’. From there, you can choose the visibility setting you want for YouTube (public, private or unlisted) and then simply hit ‘Publish’ to upload your video! You can change the visibility setting again on YouTube once it’s published.

If you haven’t checked out our Video Manager before, you can share your VOD, download it, delete it, view it and grab a quick copy of the link to it.

Pro tip: If you want to link your viewers to a specific spot in your VOD, simply add this sample text to the end of the StreamMe VOD URL with the timestamp you want to link them to: /?t=00:014:30

Happy Streaming!