Updates for #KombatCup Season 2

UPDATE: Registration for Kombat Cup Season 2 has finally opened! Visit here to sign up for Week 1!

Kombatants, welcome back.

As the Season 1 Finale came to an end, we dropped a post filling you in on how Kombat Cup Season 2 will play out. However, there have been some changes that we wish to bring to your attention should you be interested in participating.

First, the Kombat Cup followed an age restriction for its first season, for which players had to be at least seventeen years of age in order to participate. We have slightly eased that restriction for Season 2, so now, players that are at least sixteen (16+) will be eligible to play in the circuit.

Secondly, we are grateful to Echo FGC and cR Mindset for taking time out of their schedules to help cast the Kombat Cup and Konquest, respectively. Unfortunately, they will not be returning to cast Season 2. Our experience will never let anyone forget the moments that Echo has given us to enjoy forever. We wish them well in their future endeavors.

However, the new additions to our team of casters will undoubtedly be welcome choices for the MKX community! They are listed below:

Casters for Kombat Cup Sunday Preliminaries:

Casters for Kombat Cup Wednesday Finals:

Casters for Konquest Thursday Brackets:

A quick overview for each of the new additions:

Big D – one of the longtime members of the NRS community since the days of Mortal Kombat 9, he has operated as an Ermac specialist throughout all of Mortal Kombat X’s lifespan, as well as a former player for the now-disbanded EVB crew. Under EVB’s banner, he stormed through the competition at EVO 2016, where he would shine among the Top 8 at Las Vegas’s Mandalay Bay! He will join Mr Aquaman every Sunday to cast the Kombat Cup preliminaries.

Kitana Prime – also a former EVB member, Kitana Prime walks the road of the character specialist exactly as Big D does. His attachment to the character Kitana has brought him countless victories and downfalls, and he accepts them no matter their intensity. But while he takes the time to polish his skills, his priority lies in event organization as well as casting on behalf of the NRS scene. Tune into the Kombat Cup every Wednesday to join KP and Mr Aquaman as they bring you the Top 8 brackets for each week!

Saga – co-founder of Team Vertex, VX Saga is also a comic book writer hailing from Vancouver. Recently he has begun funding an organization that consists of players in the Americas, such as Killer Xinok from Brazil. Like with Kitana Prime, he prides himself on being a caster for Mortal Kombat X brackets held online and offline. He will join GTG Doughboy every Thursday to bring you the secondary Konquest series where players will get an opportunity to add redemption points to their standings.

Finally, a minor update has been made to the scheduling for the Kombat Cup and Konquest. See the image below.

Konquest will now run for only the first eleven weeks of the Kombat Cup, which means you will have that many chances to pick up some points should you fail to place within the Top 4 of the preceding Kombat Cup bracket. The cup itself will run for twelve weeks before concluding with its Season Finale on May 7th.

How many points can be earned each week? And how much cash? See below.


Kombat Cup

First Place – $200 and 150 league points
Second Place – $100 and 125 league points
Third and Fourth Place – $50 and 75 league points
Fifth through Eighth Place – 50 league points
Ninth through Sixteenth Place – 25 league points


First Place – 25 league points
Second Place – 20 league points
Third and Fourth Place – 15 league points
Fifth through Eighth Place – 10 league points

Registration is available and can be done here – https://smash.gg/KombatCup

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We wish all competitors the best of luck for Season 2! Make sure to train your hardest, because the competition is merciless.