Update on EVO’s Player Choice Poll: UMvC3 leads at almost $17K!

Last Tuesday, Mr Wizard announced the official lineup for Evolution 2017. For a refresher course, we invite you to reread this post.

The lineup featured a total of nine titles, eight of which have been disclosed. The ninth is left up to the choice of the players, as EVO’s Player’s Choice makes a return from its approximate four-year hiatus to let us decide the title that would fill the final slot on the roster.

How this works: players wishing to see their favorite game at EVO can cast their vote by sending in a donation to that game’s donation page on www.generosity.com. All proceeds will go towards the Make A Wish foundation with the goal of battling diseases that affect children all around the world. Players can donate however much they choose to. This poll will last until Wednesday of next week.

Nine games have been given this opportunity, some of which have been featured at the World Stage in the past. Below is an image reflecting how much has been raised for each of them.

After a week’s worth of donations, Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 is holding the lead at $16,315 from 290 donors. Pokken Tournament follows closely behind at $14,115 from 281 donors. From there, it’s around an $9k gap between Pokken and Killer Instinct, the latter sitting at third place with $5,070 from 141 donors.

It’s looking almost certain that this tug o’ war over a spot at EVO is coming down to a stalemate between Marvel and Pokken, but there is still a week left for more players to donate and make a difference. Should you wish to contribute, you can do so by visiting the donation page for the game you wish to support. All pages are linked below:

The game that receives the greatest total amount from all donations submitted will be added to the EVO lineup. As well:

  • it will lead off the Sunday finals at Mandalay Bay as the opening game.
  • a $10K prize pot will be contributed to that game by the EVO staff.
  • voters for the winning game will be guaranteed a spot in the arena on Sunday.

So what are you waiting for?! Your favorite game needs all the support it can get if it is to be deemed worthy as a title for the EVO lineup this year! Go donate NOW.