Unicorns, Sparkles, What does it all mean?


Unicorns¬†are our fantastical, purple friends… and they want to be your friend, too! Unicorns will magically appear the more time you spend interacting on the site. You can get them by verifying your e-mail address, streaming, viewing and interacting in general.

Once you have them, you can get more slots for custom emotes or add to your palette of subscriber or supporter username colors!

Sparkles, on the other hand, are irresistible, shiny objects that you can buy if you don’t feel like waiting for magical unicorns to appear.

You can also use sparkles¬†to buy emote slots or global username colors! And soon, we’ll have lots of other fun streamer interactions that will only be available via sparkles.

Now that that’s all cleared up, go stuff your pockets with all the unicorns and sparkles you can muster!