Under Night In-Birth EXE: Latest is now available in Japan!

The update to the Under Night In-Birth series has just gone live in Japan! The product is currently available for download on the Playstation Store, accessible by console and PC.

The product is currently listed with a price of 5,800 yen. When translated to American currency, that is equal to approximately $52.

Likewise, a page for the PS3 version of the update has also been made available. Price for this version is also 5,800 yen, translated to 52 American dollars.

If you reside in America, you cannot access the product from your current account as it has not yet been released for the Americas (that will be taken of eventually, thanks to Aksys Games). However, if you simply cannot wait to try the update and you’re willing to undergo the trouble of translating the game’s Japanese text, you can follow a series of steps to bypass this restriction and start practicing right now!

Taken from this article by ExtremeTech, the steps are as follows:

  • on your PC, make sure your browser has a setting for language translation enabled. On Google Chrome, when you find a page that is written in any language aside from English, a pop-up box asking if you’d like to translate the text will appear. Alternatively, you can use the Google Translate website to copy and paste the text that requires translation.
  • create a new PSN account using your PC, not the console. When asked to verify your region, select Japan. This will cause the rest of the process to be performed using Japanese text, so keep that translator handy. Once you complete the process, you will receive an email to verify your account. Click it and follow the steps outlined.
  • you must assign a PSN name to your Japanese account. A valid Japanese address will be required, but simply typing a postal code and then using the “Address Search” option provided will easily fill out the rest of the form. Decline to add a credit card, then complete your account’s creation.
  • you can easily download any Japanese games that are free to play, but obviously you’ll want to purchase Under Night In-Birth EXE: Late[st] for 5,800 yen. However, you’ll need to add Japanese currency, not American currency, to your Japanese PSN account. The best way to do this is to look on websites such as Amazon and eBay to find PSN cards that use Japanese currency, or yen as it is called. Purchase it and fill out the necessary information to have it delivered to your address in America. The cards may take a bit of time to arrive, so have patience.
  • once you receive your card, log into the Sony Entertainment Network using your Japanese PSN. Visit the Account tab to find a section that, when translated to English, should say “the input of the code number.” Enter the code listed on your Japanese PSN card and follow the rest of the steps as outlined. Again, keep that translator handy.
  • once the currency has been added to your Japanese account, you can now head over to the PSN Store and purchase Under Night In-Birth EXE: Late[st]! This can be done using either your console or PS4, though we recommend console for ease of use.
  • Want to play the game on your American account? You will need to have your console activated as your primary PS4 while on your Japanese account. If you’ve been using your PC up to this point, you’ll need to switch to your console and download your Japanese account there. Once you’ve done that, download the games you wish to play, then go to the home menu and then to your settings tab. Scroll down to “Playstation Network/Account Management” and access the menu. You should see the option to “Activate as your Primary PS4.” Select that and you’re done!

We’ll happily update you when the game’s English version is officially published and released in America! Until then, keep an eye on this blog and the pages below to stay informed:

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