UMvC3 wins the EVO donation drive to join the lineup!

After two weeks, the players have decided on the final title to be added to the EVO 2017 lineup! Given its history at EVO, the outcome comes as no surprise to a majority of the player base, although the winner would face a serious contender near the end.

With six of the candidates failing to pass the $5k mark, let alone $2k, the poll became a three-way contest between Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, Killer Instinct and Pokken Tournament. Unfortunately for the Killer Instinct scene, their game broke little more than $5k within the first week. It has since made only an extra thousand from the previous week, putting it at $6,116.

Pokken and Marvel, on the other hand, amassed tens of thousands of dollars from their supporters…each. Marvel held the lead throughout the drive, but as it raced towards the finish line, Pokken actually overtook it by about $2k to lead at $61,330. Incensed, the Marvel community responded with an abrupt flood of donations, with neither scene ceasing on the contributions for the past twelve hours.

From the images below, you’ll get an idea of how close the race had become in the final stretch…

When the clock struck noon in Las Vegas, the donation drive finally ceased. Below are the official results.

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 wins the EVO Player Vote with donations totaling $71,690 from about 1.5k donors! As such, it will complete the EVO 2017 lineup as the ninth game. As well, the EVO team has promised that the winning candidate will receive a $10k prize pot and the leading spot for Sunday finals.

So for yet another year, players attending Evolution will be waving banners and cards sporting an infamous question: “When’s Mahvel?!”

Congratulations to the UMvC3 community for the astounding support they have shown to their flagship title! Respects also go out to the Pokken community for demonstrating just as much commitment.

EVO 2017 will take place on July 14-16 at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. See this post for more details.