UMvC3 Finale for @CurlehCircuit coming to Las Vegas on September 16-17!

In case you missed the Top 8 finals for Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 at Combo Breaker, an announcement was made regarding the finale for the Curleh Circuit, a league established by a collection of lead figures from the Marvel community.

The Curleh Finale comes to the Millennial Esports Arena at Las Vegas right on the brink of the release date for Marvel vs Capcom Infinite…to be specific, September, 16-17, 2017. It will serve as the conclusion to a year-long league that the Marvel community has dearly enjoyed.

A total of thirty-two players will compete at the Curleh Finale. Eight of these will be invited to defend their title as Curleh Champions, two will make it in via Last Chance Qualifiers and the other twenty-two will earn their spots by possessing the highest amount of league points earned from Curleh Circuit qualifiers. Incidentally, Combo Breaker 2017 so happened to be one such qualifier.

For full details on the Curleh Circuit, please see its page at Smash.GG.

As the release of MvC Infinite is set for two days after the Curleh Finale,¬†will the event be considered the final resting place for Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, an entry that has seen endless love and support despite the lack of developer support? That is for the community to decide, but we do know that the Curleh Finale will truly be an exciting event to witness, given the community’s history.

Fun fact: Ultimate Marvel will be featured at CEO 2017 and EVO 2017. If that’s not enough hype for you, a pre-release build for MvC Infinite will also be featured at CEO and E3 2017.

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