UMvC3 EVO Finalist @DyeoJ enters partnership with @CircaeSports!

Note: Image is credited to Circa eSports.

Circa eSports announced today that JoeyD, one of the EVO 2017 finalists for Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, has entered into a partnership with the crew!

With Marvel vs Capcom 3 approaching the end of its competitive lifespan this year, JoeyD decided to put himself in a favorable position for when Infinite hits the FGC this September. To this end, his training took him to the Top 8 brackets for Marvel 3 at Combo Breaker 2017, followed by EVO two months after. He placed in fifth at both events.

JoeyD joins the ranks of Circa Forever King, Nicholas “Nicky” Iovene and Long “LPN” Nguyen as their Marvel vs Capcom representative. The other three players compete in different fighting games including Injustice 2, Killer Instinct and Street Fighter V.

He is set to make an appearance at Summer Jam XI in Philadelphia next weekend. As the event is considered to be part of the Curleh Circuit, a league where Marvel players compete in a series of ranking events for the chance to qualify for the Curleh Finale in September, he will attempt to improve his standing on the Curleh Circuit standings. As of now, he is ranked at 5th place with 468 points.

Want to relive JoeyD’s appearance in the Marvel finals at EVO?! Give this video a watch!

We wish Joey the best as he starts a new chapter of his gaming career alongside the Circa family! Make sure to follow the pages below to keep updated on their endeavors.

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