UMG Orlando 2016 CoD Esports Tournament Cancelled

To people in some tropical climates, hurricanes can be completely devastating, Sometimes they are to cities unprepared for it. However, in Orlando they have been taking certain measures to keep people safe. Unfortanity for many eSports fans this means that the UMG Orlando 2016 Call of Duty esports tournament has officially been cancelled due to the hurricane risks.

It’s the kind of news that every Call of Duty fan was worried about. Knowing that Hurricane Matthew that is expected to hit Florida this weekend. It seems that their plans to watch the UMG Orlando has officially shot down. Remember this is all due to protect the people however.

Florida had already been put in a state of emergency and as of last night the organizers of UMG have officially confirmed the cancellation of the event in an official announcement.

In a statement released on their website, UMG said:

It is with regret that we announce that due to the hurricane that is anticipated hit Florida this weekend, UMG Orlando has been cancelled.

Regardless of the financial losses, which not hosting the event exposes us to, we felt the safety of our community was obviously far more important. 

For UMG, the community comes first over everything.

In due course we will be refunding all team passes and attendee passes.

Our thoughts are with the people of Florida and all people impacted by this storm front, we hope you stay safe.

With the cancellation of UMG Orlando 2016, unfortunately, it appears that the official Call of Duty season is over for another year. What comes next then? Hello, Infinite Warfare.

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