Ultra Street Fighter II To Have Some Kind Of First Person Mode

For those of you eagerly awaiting The Nintendo Switch, and more importantly the new Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers’, there is a rather odd picture that surfaced. It appeared online as recently as yesterday (2/13), confirming a new first-person mode called Unleash! Ha-Do-Ken. If you want a sneak peek at it you can actually catch a glimpse of the first-person mode in the game’s announce trailer, at around the 2:08 mark of the video below.

While there hasn’t been any further details announced by Capcom or Nintendo, but you’ll get to fight Shadaloo Soldiers in this new mode. There’s also a screenshot that shows a timer and multiple Shadaloo Soldiers, so it looks like it could possibly be some sort of rail shooter mini-game mode.

From everything that we know so far, and the little that we understand, the name of the new mode actually has a different spelling of Hadoken as if to make a pun on it. They are calling it Ha “DO” Ken, or 波Do拳, instead of the traditional Japanese kanji spelling of the iconic move, 波動拳. That said, the name will likely get some kind of pun-ny alternate spelling for the English version of the game. Again this is all just speculation. Stay tuned to StreamMe for more as the information is released

Furthermore, the box also shows some sort of art gallery mode for the game, which will allow players to check out over 250 pages worth of artwork.


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