Ultra Street Fighter 4 and Guilty Gear XrD Revelator confirmed for KI World Cup!

As a follow-up to our update regarding Street Fighter x Tekken’s inclusion at the KI World Cup, two more titles have been confirmed to be playable at the event.

First, another of Capcom’s hottest titles is making a return from beyond to join SFxT and Street Fighter V at the Tobin Center. This one will be played NOT on a current-generation console, but rather on the Xbox 360, as was confirmed via a Facebook post by Mr. Brandon Alexander, founder of the KI World Cup.

Street Fighter V is undeniably one of the hypest titles to grace the FGC, if not the hypest, but its predecessor has a history of setting the stage for equally magical moments. While many players enjoy the current iteration for what it offers, one of the Capcom community’s most common opinions is that the previous Street Fighter title had so much more to offer that it was a shame to put it to bed early. Too often do we hear of players yearning for a resurrection.

If this sounds like you, then come to San Antonio this weekend and your wish will be realized! Ultra Street Fighter 4 is coming back to the spotlight at the KI World Cup!

“But why stop there?” you may ask. Don’t worry…the team behind the World Cup does not believe in pulling punches when it comes to delivering a quality event to the FGC! In addition to Ultra SF4, Guilty Gear XrD Revelator will be sharing the stage this weekend!

Something to note is that Guilty Gear XrD Revelator has been confirmed as a returning title for the EVO 2017 roster at Las Vegas this year. If you have plans to compete at EVO and you’ve got the funds to spare, we recommend coming to the World Cup for some practice in a similar setting. Top players for games such as Smash Wii-U have announced plans to compete in their favorite title at the Cup, and we are hoping to see similar developments for USF4 and Guilty Gear!

If you haven’t got your tickets yet, you’d better hurry! The World Cup takes place this weekend! Visit here to purchase your ticket for only $25.

Other updates regarding the World Cup have also been shared via their official Twitter, including another expansion on their commentators’ crew at the event! Shin “The God” Tristan, a favorite from the KI community, is coming out of retirement to lead off the hype alongside a team of casters that he’s had the pleasure of working with last year.

Finally, the final schedule for the Killer Instinct World Cup was released earlier today. Check it out and make your plans accordingly, because believe us when we tell you…you won’t want to be absent from the venue when the KI team drops bombshells on their players. One such surprise will include a gameplay reveal for the next character, Shin Hisako.

Sadly, the author will be attending Final Round XX instead of the World Cup since both events overlap this weekend, but he will make it a point to catch up on the event when he has time. As for the rest of you, make sure you tune in when you can! FIGHT ON.