Ultra Street Fighter 2 coming to Nintendo Switch!

Among the many titles confirmed to be in development for the Nintendo Switch (more on that here) is one that came completely out of left field, but is also a pleasant surprise for the Capcom community. After over two decades, it appears that the classic Street Fighter 2 iteration is getting an update!

Introducing Ultra Street Fighter 2: The Final Challengers, to be released exclusively for the Switch as a commemoration of the history between Nintendo and Capcom! Back in 1991, both companies collaborated on the development of Street Fighter 2 for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, and now at last, they band together again to bring life to a piece of fighting game history!

What’s so special about this update? Well, aside from the updated graphics, two new cast members (well, new to SF2, anyway) will be joining the roster, and they are known as Evil Ryu and Violent Ken! Both characters are historically known as “what-if” iterations of the Street Fighter icons Ken and Ryu, with unique movesets that will make for explosive gameplay!

Speaking of the graphics, players can choose between the classic pixel-art style for a blast from the past and amazing HD graphics created by UDON Entertainment! Players can also challenge each other wirelessly in Arcade Mode, or combine their efforts together to battle against the CPU! New single player and multiplayer modes have also been hinted at, but no details on such modes are available at this time. As well, it is unclear if this update will involve balance changes that distinguish it from the first SF2 iteration.

No release date was mentioned, nor any information on how the product will be priced. You are advised to follow Street Fighter at their Twitter and Facebook pages to stay informed as the updates come.

Street Fighter’s executive producer, Yoshinori Ono, will be making an appearance later today on Nintendo’s Treehouse Live to showcase Ultra Street Fighter 2 to the world, and you are cordially invited to watch the broadcast when it goes live via Nintendo’s YouTube channel! Our fighting game fanatics will certainly be observing with hawk’s eyes!


So what do you think?! Are you ready to submerge yourself in the ocean of nostalgia? Thinking of maining Evil Ryu and/or Violent Ken?! Let us know your thoughts in your comments and we’ll see you in our next post!

For those who missed out on the Nintendo Switch presentation last night, watch it here.