Ultimates Monster Pack coming to @KillerInstinct August 22nd

Note: Image is credited to the Killer Instinct development team.

As previously mentioned during our article regarding Killer Instinct’s 3.8 patch, which was implemented near the end of June (see here for details), the last wave of Ultimates would be given to five characters next month. We now have an exact schedule to provide regarding the release of the Ultimates Monster Pack: August 22nd.

As the above post indicates, the last five Ultimates will go to Aganos, Sabrewulf, Glacius, Mira and Hisako. Aganos’s Ultimate was released a while back for the fans to enjoy. If you did not see it, see the clip below…

As August 22nd draws closer, it’s possible we’ll be granted sneak peeks at the other characters’ Ultimates coming soon. Watch the official Killer Instinct Twitter and the Ultra Combo forums for updates!

Killer Instinct is currently available and free to download on Xbox One and Windows 10 and will soon be released for Steam. However, add-on content such as characters and stages must be purchased. The game does offer a rotation feature where a different character is available to play each week, in case you want to get a demo of what the game has to offer before you drop the cash.