Ultimates for Maya, TJ Combo and Tusk Revealed!

Following up on our last update regarding Ultimates, we were initially told that we’d get to see the Ultimate finishers for all fighters featured in the upcoming Ultimate Master Pack for Killer Instinct. However, the developers decided to go back on their word…in KILLER fashion!

Instead of waiting throughout the week, the KI team has just dropped clips of the Ultimates for a portion of the cast: Maya, TJ Combo and Tusk! Check ’em out…they’re all godlike.

If the author were to give his opinion as to which of these Ultimates was the best, I’d have to say that it’s a tie between Tusk and Maya. Of course, given my name, Jago’s finisher is still the most appealing to me. 🙂

In case you missed out on Jago’s Ultimate as well as Thunder’s, here they are again.

This is an amazing reward for the 3-year wait we’ve had to endure. And there will be more waves of Ultimates to come.

As a reminder, all five of these Ultimates will be available for download next Tuesday, February 14th, at no cost. See the post linked at the top for more details.

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