Ultimates are coming to Killer Instinct in February!

For those wondering, Ultimates are a dramatic finishing sequence used to close out matches in Killer Instinct, exactly like with Ultras but with a unique twist. A good comparison would be to think of the Fatalities from the Mortal Kombat games, except that, to an extent, Ultimates are not quite as graphic. These finishers have existed since the KI classic titles, but they would not return to their latest iteration on the Xbox One three years ago…

Or would they?

A while back, Iron Galaxy and Microsoft held a stream where they conducted a character breakdown about the latest addition to Killer Instinct’s roster, Kilgore. As that broadcast reached its conclusion, we received a surprise that left our jaws hanging near the floor…

Ultimates are BACK! Although technically, one character – Shadow Jago – has had such a finisher since his introduction as a boss character in Season 1, but for the players, he was only accessible as an alternate skin to Jago, for which the finisher was absent. As well, by completing the Season 1 arcade ladder, you could fight a boss version of Shadow Jago who did have his Ultimate. The character would not be remade with a different moveset (to set him apart from the original Jago) until the end of Season 2. Once that came to pass, he remained the only character to have access to an Ultimate finisher for over a year.

Ever since the release of Killer Instinct back in 2013, Ultimates for the whole roster have been high on the fanbase’s list of requests. But with three seasons having been released, Shadow Jago was still the only character to have an Ultimate. Fans began to resign themselves to the mindset that it would stay that way.

If you were hoping for the entire roster to receive their Ultimates, you can rejoice, for their arrival is nigh! According to the official Twitter account for the Killer Instinct team, these finishers will be spread across all fighters this February, which is just around the corner!


Have any questions about Ultimates? The developers are inviting you to their official forums to ask them, so head on over there if you want your voice to be heard!

It is not clear as to whether these finishers must be purchased separately or unlocked in-game. We will have to stay tuned and see!

Here’s a throwback to the Ultimates as they looked in the classic days of Killer Instinct…