UA Wheels wins KrossUp Week 2!

KrossUp Week 2 has come to an end! With UA Bass absent, we would see another killer take the big win tonight! Kalypso and Raven is Raw return from last week’s Top 8 to battle against six new faces, including the EVO 2016 champ, F3 Sleep! A recipe for hype if we ever saw one!

Before reading, watch this archive if you’ve missed out on the action! It will be uploaded to our YouTube at a later time.

Week 2’s Top 8 opens with EctopicILLusions (Cinder) facing off against Charlieboy (Fulgore). Charlie is adamant about staying on the move to avoid Ectopic’s abuse of the Trailblazer attack, which also contributes to Ectopic’s aerial movement. A few openings evoke aggression from Charlie, all of which are punishing with searing combos that are concluded with Burnout enders, which cause the opponent’s life bar to gradually turn white if they abuse attacks involving the affected limbs. Charlie disregards this penalty, a decision which proves consequential as it allows Ectopic an opportunity to perform one-chance break combos that eliminate his life bars. Out of desperation, Charlie goes to Jago to augment his aggression with health regeneration, but this plan only serves to worsen his predicament. Ectopic nimbly dodges Charlie’s Wind Kicks to score himself some damaging punishes, taking the set with a clean 3-0!

Due to connection issues, the match between F3 Sleep and Xx0ne N 0n1yxX could not be shared via the KrossUp broadcast, so the two have had to finish their confrontation off-stream. The result was another 3-0 sweep in favor of Sleep, who’d used his Gargos to combat Xx0ne N 0n1yxX’s Omen. Sleep advances to semifinals to await his battle with EctopicILLusions!

Raven is Raw is one of our Top 4 finishers from last week, and he returns to take on BxA Charbok in an effort to produce an improved result. Given the read-heavy nature of his character, Charbok makes it a point to keep his decision-making a mystery with a rapid alteration between instant-air overheads and throws, but Raven miraculously calls out Charbok’s choices to punish him for crippling damage while locking his resources out. Knowing when to hit the brakes and when to hit the gas makes for a controlled offense, as demonstrated by Raven, but in the third game he finally gets careless and suffers a parry to his heavy kick, allowing Charbok an opportunity to stay alive. Charbok is careful to confirm his rekkas on hit and block, leaving very few holes in his offense for Raven to take advantage of. However, Raven is ready for the game-winning parry this time, baiting it out to claim a 3-1 victory in the set.

The last quarterfinals match sets the stage for an Ultra Arcade team kill: UA Kalypso versus UA Wheels, the latter also known as DaytonJ. The first game is an exchange of cross-up set-ups between Sadira and Fulgore, as well as godlike call-outs on Kalypso’s counter-pokes with Wheels’s use of the Shadow Blade Charge. However, Sadira’s Instinct nullifies all of that hard work, leading to flip-outs that break Wheels’s defense clean. Wheels immediately switches to Tusk with the intention of smacking Sadira out of the sky, but this effort fails because of Kalypso’s use of the double jump to bait such attempts. For his last stand, Dayton defers to the character that made him a legend: Orchid. This decision proves to be wise given these factors: Orchid’s back-walk speed enables Wheels to block Kalypso’s air attacks much better, the grenade enhances his reward with each successful read on Kalypso’s wake-up while removing Shadow Counters from the equation, and his relentless mix-ups in the corner tip the scales even more into his favor. When an attempt to anti-air Wheels’s jump-in fails, Kalypso crumbles into ruin from Orchid’s oppression. After being down two games, Wheels successfully brings it back by an entire set to win 3-2!

The semifinals open with F3 Sleep and EctopicILLusion as its first match. Understandably, Ectopic wants no part of the zoning game due to the factor that is Gargos’s portal punch, so he becomes hasty in closing the distance to keep it personal, but Sleep reacts with an array of anti-airs, including the heavy portal punch and an upper wing attack, to defend his territory. ILLusions retaliates with an occasional bomb toss to create hesitation in Sleep. The Cinder loyalist’s frustration rises as he destroys the minion assists only for Sleep to simply replace them, since his style of play is keeping his meter plentiful. Sleep’s reactions do not falter at any point in the set, and ILLusions finds himself without an answer. The 2016 EVO champ takes the set 3-0 to proceed to the KrossUp Grand Finals!

For the second half of semifinals, Wheels pulls out an old friend of his to chew on Spinal’s bones: Sabrewulf. Once known to be a stressful match-up for Spinal players, Raven’s approach makes it look quite even, as he picks the right times to backdash, neutral-jump and Shadow Counter the wolf. As much as Wheels makes his offense so discreet, Raven’s defense causes him to become flabbergasted, but the tournament veteran picks up on Raven’s reliance on the neutral jump by the third game, a realization that drastically shifts the odds into his favor. Wheels makes it a point to keep the raven grounded while using the back-step to create Counter Hit set-ups on his opponent. The set becomes tied at two wins apiece, but Raven becomes quickly overwhelmed by Wheels’s adjustment to the match-up. He abandons his Spinal to mirror Wheels with his own Sabrewulf, a gesture that most interpret as a sign of surrender. Wheels produces his second reverse 3-0 of the night, and Raven finishes with another 3rd/4th place victory in KrossUp!

With F3 Sleep’s streak of 3-0 dominations across the board, and UA Wheels’s tendency to hype the crowd with reverse 3-0s, they would have a lot of expectation to live up to in this Grand Finals. In a surprise twist, Wheels revives his Tusk to take on the EVO champion’s Gargos! Sleep is immediately pinned down as Wheels abuses his Immortal Spirit to evade the portal punches and low-profile Gargos, shoving him right to the edge of the ring. Sleep tries to get sneaky with mixing his forward dash and his medium command grab, but Wheels punishes this tactic with backward jump attacks, forcing Sleep to switch to Maya. Wheels keeps up a steely defense against this oppressive Maya long enough to pop Instinct and nullify Sleep’s attempt at a Shadow Counter. The games are by no means one-sided, but Wheels’s adjustment is constantly putting Sleep on edge. Sleep falls back to Gargos in a last stand, but is once again left with no room to get himself rolling as Wheels pins him down, even rendering his Instinct irrelevant with well-placed heavy normals. After a towering streak of 3-0 wins, Sleep is eliminated 0-3 by UA Wheels’s Tusk!

Tournament Placings and Prizes
1st Place: UA Wheels – Winnings: $150 and 75 league points
2nd Place: F3 Sleep – Winnings: $100 and 50 league points
3rd/4th Place: EctopicILLusion – Winnings: $50 and 25 league points
3rd/4th Place: Raven is Raw – Winnings: $50 and 25 league points
5th Place: Charlieboy – Winnings: 10 league points
5th Place: xx0NE N 0N1yxx – Winnings: 10 league points
5th Place: UA Kalypso – Winnings: 10 league points
5th Place: BxA Charbok – Winnings: 10 league points

Match Log
EctopicILLusion (Cinder): 3 vs. Charlieboy (Fulgore and Jago): 0
F3 Sleep (Gargos): 3 vs. xx0NE N 0N1yxx (Omen): 0
BxA Charbok (Hisako): 1 vs. Raven is Raw (Spinal): 3
UA Wheels (Fulgore, Tusk and Orchid): 3 vs. UA Kalypso (Sadira): 2
F3 Sleep (Gargos): 3 vs. EctopicILLusion (Cinder): 0
UA Wheels (Sabrewulf): 3 vs. Raven is Raw (Spinal and Sabrewulf): 2
-Grand Finals-
F3 Sleep (Gargos): 0 vs. UA Wheels (Tusk): 3

Sincere congratulations to UA Wheels for winning KrossUp Week 2! This win means that while Bass’s streak is already at an end, the throne still belongs to an Ultra Arcade representative. What the third week will bring…no-one can tell!

We are thankful to the eighty players who showed up through their Xbox One and Windows 10 set-ups to support the KrossUp series, as well as to JagoBlake and Mr Aquaman for mixing in a recipe of commentary consisting of humor and analytical play-by-plays! Due to Frosty Faustings, KrossUp will not occur this weekend, but rather the weekend after, on February 4th. Make sure you tune in to FF as it will have a 1K pot bonus at stake for the Killer Instinct scene, and it doubles as a qualifier for the 2017 World Cup which is coming up in March!

You can review the current KrossUp standings here.

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