UA Wheels takes out Sleep again winning KrossUp Week 4!

Results for KrossUp Week 4 are in!

After being unable to participate for weeks due to unforeseen delays, STDx Rebelo finally plows his way through pools to face last week’s champion, MnT Letalis, in the Top 8. Rebelo is known for his explosive gameplay with his TJ Combo which always keeps you on edge even when he slows it down. However, the playstyle suffers against Letalis’s approach to the match-up. His use of armor to create trades rewards him with decent damage and reloads for his armor, which he uses to summon walls that keep Rebelo trapped in place. The neutral proves challenging due to the length of Aganos’s normals, but Rebelo chooses the right times to throw out his heavy-hitting target strings in order to ignore the armor and cash out with his Auto Barrage ender for about 60%. Both players contest each other with the aggression of wild boxers. In the final round, Rebelo’s Instinct grants him one last chance to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat, but Letalis spends meter to summon a rock storm that sends him for a ride. Rebelo immediately breaks out of the set-up, rolls forward and tosses out a Shadow DP in anticipation of an incoming attack, but Letalis waits it out before punishing the whiff with a Shadow Ruin to take the set 3-1!

In the second quarterfinals match, HW DaaChronicle and UA Wheels return to face one another in a semi-canonical match-up: Orchid versus Shadow Jago. Although Shadow Jago’s capabilities as a zoner and mix-up character are quite strong, DaaChronicle finds himself unable to overpower Wheels in the mid-range game. In the rare times he’s found an opening on Wheels, DaaChronicle would drop his juggles and be subjected to Wheels’s shimmies. As a counter-measure, DaaChronicle rejects the spirit of Gargos to bring the original Jago to the battlefield, but his eagerness to launch an offensive leads him to eat massive punishes. Once Wheels’s Instinct expires, DaaChronicle lands a max-range overhead that finally strips the Orchid player of his green health bar. Wheels quickly forces him away and retreats to a considerable distance, dropping grenades as he goes. DaaChronicle charges a fireball to max level before releasing it so as to approach Wheels from behind with a Wind Kick, only to be tagged by the blast radius as another grenade meets the fireball and explodes! Wheels takes a resounding 3-0 victory to proceed to semifinals.

For the fourth week in a row, Raven is Raw (Spinal) returns to Top 8 with an increasing thirst for vengeance. But he must first overpower the obstacle that is F3 Sleep’s Arbiter. Raven keeps a hawk’s eye open for any time Arbiter disappears, as such an occurrence signals the arrival of his command grab, but this approach subjects him to being tagged mid-air by Arbiter’s mammoth-sized overheads. Raven adopts a wild approach whenever he is on the offensive, but Sleep wakes up with a Shadow Overshield to force a knockdown which leads to a grenade set-up. Despite blocking the explosions, Raven is left at the mercy of Sleep’s overhead meaties. Each successful jump-in from Raven is immediately broken by Sleep. While their life bars are mostly even for a majority of the set, Raven is unable to wrestle control away from his opponent, and so he goes down 0-3 to the EVO 2016 champion!

HW YungTate (Maya), another newcomer to the Top 8, takes on EctopicILLusions (Cinder) who is also a familiar sighting. The match goes at a slow pace, which is surprising considering the fact that their characters are known to play at high-speed. ILLusions tries to turn up the heat with trailblazer pressure, but YungTate times his jabs to expose the gaps and create a juggle opportunity. The Cinder specialist resorts to zoning with bombs in an effort to force a reaction, yet YungTate manages to avoid the majority of them simply by jumping. As the set rages on, whenever YungTate relinquishes a dagger, ILLusions immediately responds with a juggle combo to push YungTate to a distance where he cannot reach his weapons off-screen. However, when YungTate is given his Instinct, he pops it to re-summon his daggers back to him. The Maya specialist pursues his opponent around the level until he finally pins down ILLusions in the corner. ILLusions becomes increasingly desperate with his wake-ups, but they only serve to bring about his downfall at a quicker pace. YungTate takes it 3-1 to join the other three killers in the Top 4!

A clash of champions serves as the opening act for our semifinals. MnT Letalis and UA Wheels face each other using the very characters that brought them their glory: Aganos and Tusk. Letalis is quickly overwhelmed by Wheels’s oppressive gameplay, and his armor does not play as much of a role due to the hitboxes of Tusk’s stronger normals. Letalis finally finds an opening where he attempts a Counter Breaker, but when Wheels does not bite, the momentum is reversed dramatically as Wheels sets up an OTG which leads to a Counter Breaker of his own! With two bars on Wheels’s side, the resulting combo produces a damage output of 84%…the highest damage we’ve seen in a single combo since the beginning of the KrossUp series. Letalis immediately switches to Omen for a reduced hitbox size and the Shadow Escape option which helps him avoid Wheels’s offense now and then. After a tough first round, Letalis empties his meter to interrupt Tusk’s ridiculous offense and nab some damage of his own while replenishing his shadow stocks with Battery Enders, but his collisions with Tusk’s deflect windows worsens his predicament. Wheels finally whiffs a heavy punch and Letalis immediately takes advantage to guarantee himself a flip-out, but his disregard for Tusk’s instinct leaves him open to an Ultra. Wheels takes the set 3-0 to speed on over to Grand Finals!

For the second half of semifinals, F3 Sleep (Arbiter) takes on HW YungTate (Maya) for the chance to return to Grand Finals. The first two games are an absolute blood bath. Sleep’s onslaught of grenades locks YungTate in place, leaving him vulnerable to mix-ups between overheads and command grabs. But in Game 3, Sleep’s eagerness to be offensive finally catches up to him, as all of his damage has filled up YungTate’s meter which is rapidly spent on Shadow DPs. YungTate also begins punishing Sleep for his unsafe use of the Overshield. These adaptations keep YungTate alive in the set, but Sleep is quick to respond with his familiar Kilgore, to which Tate appears to have no answer at all. YungTate is stuck on the defensive until he finds a gap in the midst of Kilgore’s missile barrage. Although Sleep loses his first life bar as a result, he spends the rest of the match chucking missiles and gunfire from full-screen. YungTate cannot decipher an answer to this zoning game, and so he is forced to accept defeat, meaning that Sleep proceeds to Grand Finals for a Week 2 runback with UA Wheels!

Contrary to his set with Tate, F3 Sleep decides to abuse his weaponry at the close range, only to eat reversal Shadow Immortal Spirits due to Wheels’s rapid meter-build from his defense. Tusk’s damage output serves as the answer to the excessive chip from Kilgore’s zoning, leading Wheels to his first victory. Sleep immediately falls back to Arbiter, and the two are caught in a mid-range tussle with no end in sight. Sleep tries to guarantee grenade set-ups after blockstrings only to eat more reversals. A Counter Breaker in Game 2 sets Sleep up for guaranteed chip, and Wheels ascends to a 2-0 lead to be on tournament point. At this stage of the game, Wheels begins waking up with DPs to add another layer of mind-games, but he becomes overzealous with this tactic, leaving him exposed to the killing blow from Sleep’s Ultra. With Wheels’s streak of comebacks finally broken, Sleep takes the lead and goes about controlling his space to keep Tusk at a distance. Wheels hesitates in punishing the whiffs, but when Sleep finally jumps in, he seizes the chance to bring him back down to Earth with a DP. Sleep’s attempt at a wake-up is negated by a meaty medium kick that leads into a game-winning sequence for Wheels, who comes out on top 3-1!

Congratulations to UA Wheels for becoming the Week 4 champion! His victory will put him at a commanding lead in the KrossUp league standings!

Tournament Placings and Prizes

1st Place: UA Wheels
Winnings: $150 and 75 league points

2nd Place: F3 Sleep
Winnings: $100 and 50 league points

3rd/4th Place: MnT Letalis
Winnings: $50 and 25 league points

3rd/4th Place: HW YungTate
Winnings: $50 and 25 league points

5th Place: Raven is Raw
Winnings: 10 league points

5th Place: HW DaaChronicle
Winnings: 10 league points

5th Place: Ectopic ILLusion
Winnings: 10 league points

5th Place: STDx Rebelo
Winnings: 10 league points

Match Log


MnT Letalis (Aganos): 3 vs. STDx Rebelo (TJ Combo): 1

UA Wheels (Orchid): 3 vs. HW DaaChronicle (Shadow Jago and Jago): 0

F3 Sleep (Arbiter): 3 vs. Raven is Raw (Spinal): 0

HW YungTate (Maya): 3 vs. Ectopic ILLusion (Cinder): 1


MnT Letalis (Aganos and Omen): 0 vs. UA Wheels (Tusk): 3

F3 Sleep (Arbiter and Kilgore): 3 vs. HW YungTate (Maya): 1

-Grand Finals-

UA Wheels (Tusk): 3 vs. F3 Sleep (Kilgore and Arbiter): 1

Missed out on KrossUp last week? Don’t worry, you can watch this archive to catch up!

With the ending of Week 4, KrossUp enters its halfway point. We have another four weeks to go before the Season Finale which is set for April 2nd. However, due to Winter Brawl coming up this weekend, KrossUp will not resume until February 25th.

If you own an Xbox One or a PC, live in North America, and are at least seventeen years of age, you can sign up for any available bracket on the official KrossUp page at Smash.GG. Please verify that your Internet connections meet the minimum requirements to ensure stable gameplay.

Also, non-American killers can sign up for Week 1 of King of the Ring, hosted by The Dutch Brawlers and Stream.Me! Their series is set to start on March 19th. See this post to learn more.

Thanks to Mr Aquaman and JagoBlake for joining us on Saturday to cast the event! They will return in two weeks for Week 5, and we hope you will as well!

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