UA | Bass wins #KrossUp Week 1!

The first KrossUp bracket has finally come to a close, and we couldn’t be more pleased with the results! We are thrilled by how quickly the KI community embraced us and we can’t thank them enough for it! Now, after an explosive Top 8, we’ve got the results ready for you to sink your teeth into!

Missed out on the action? Not to worry, the archives will be uploaded to our YouTube page later in the week!

The first quarterfinals match opened with UA Bass and oS Aphex, who’d eliminated HW YungTate’s Maya on stream earlier in the preliminaries. Normally a Spinal specialist, Bass instead produced a conservative Cinder whose use of bombs was limited due to Rash’s ability to absorb projectiles for meter. The set took a nasty turn when Aphex utilized his instinct mode to produce some nasty cross-up set-ups that about shattered Bass’s composure, but the man took his time blocking until he found a hole to plug up with a FireFlash. While both characters are known for air mobility, Bass kept his opponent grounded with full-screen hit-confirms off of a low Inferno that lead into nasty damage, further augmenting it with the use of his burnout enders to add potential damage that was almost always cashed out. Despite Aphex’s efforts, Bass takes the set 3-0 to get into the semifinals!

Next up, Circa Nicky and UA Kalypso, the latter formerly known as TBN Daymein, steps in to bring us back to Season 1 with a classic Fulgore vs. Sadira match-up! Both players came off of fresh Top 8 placings, so understandably, the expectations ran high. Nicky showcases a frightening balance of overwhelming offense and a steely defense, leaving Daymein with little options with which to contest him. Even the tricky backwards double jump into the cross-up heavy kick fails to pop the bottle open, and so Daymein resorts to baiting out Nicky’s laser and/or fireballs so that he can punish with full-screen jump-ins. But Nicky does not bite, instead responding with a Cyber Uppercut every time this measure was attempted. Daymein finally managed to acclaim a healthy lead by about one health bar, but a grave decision to jump leaves him at the mercy of the Devastation Beam, which turns almost all of his health bar white! Nicky immediately strikes like a serpent, punishing Daymein’s desperation with a killing combo that closes out the game with a 3-0 victory for Circa’s champion!

Rico Suave, the 2016 champion for the Killer Instinct World Cup, graces the Top 8 with a display of his majestic Gargos. His opponent, 21 Papi (also known as Grief), had just taken a convincing victory over BROAtA’s Gargos using his Orchid, so he stuck with his guns (and grenades?). The first round started rather rough as 21 Papi takes full advantage of Gargos’s lack of reversal options, but Rico makes up for it with an adjustment in his defensive game, while abusing Gargos’s command grabs off of cancelled normals or as stand-alone moves. Gargos’s call for reinforcements locks Papi down to the point that he makes a switch to Hisako, but this decision yields nothing other than a quick second loss. For one last effort, Papi debuts Kilgore, to the delight of KrossUp’s viewers, but his appearance is short-lived as Papi’s painful lack of air control allows Rico to build upon his momentum. The set concludes 3-0 in favor of Mr. Suave!

The last quarterfinals set would be between Raven is Raw (Spinal) and SonicDolphin117 (Kim Wu). Sonic keeps Raven at bay using a strong footsie game, although his movement appears tense, possibly because of his awareness of Spinal’s setplay. Raven finally finds an opening to run in and toss his opponent like a rag doll, acquiring skulls for his efforts. Sonic desperately uses his Dragon Parry to try to counter the skulls, but this approach leaves him open to Raven’s offense. Raven also catches him whiffing at times where he should not, forcing Sonic to restrain himself from mis-used button presses in the neutral. His other escape option, the Shadow Dragon Kick, is baited out consistently by Raven, further adding to Sonic’s grief. Sonic tries valiantly to regain himself, but Raven ultimately triumphs 3-0! This outcome sets the stage for a runback with Bass in honor of their Grand Finals at the Kombo Klash event in San Antonio!

The bracket progresses to semifinals with Circa Nicky and Rico Suave prepared for battle. Despite Nicky’s earlier admission that Rico won the majority of their games whenever they sparred, the Circa champion is quick to assert his domination much like how he did against Daymein, abusing staggered overheads repeatedly to destroy entire life bars. Although apparently frustrated, Rico eventually adopts a strategy that turns Nicky’s reaction-based gameplay against him: abusing his quadruple jump to bait out anti-airs and wake-ups. Nicky demonstrates an aptitude for the match-up by either trading with or punishing the demon drop, but his failure to meaty that very same attack comes back to haunt him, giving Rico the opportunity to run the whole set back from 1-2 to 3-2!

Unfortunately, lobby issues prevented UA Bass and Raven is Raw from completing their set. Raven volunteered himself to be DQ’ed, content with the fact that his 3rd/4th place result would guarantee him a portion of the payout. The two agreed to the ruling, and so UA Bass would face Rico Suave in an explosive Grand Finals!

With everything on the line, Bass trades in his Cinder for his trademark Spinal to contest Rico’s Gargos! Due to Spinal’s ability to lock down the opponent’s meter, Rico is forced to make as little mistakes as possible so he can build the meter necessary to call out his minions. The demon lord also takes advantage of Spinal’s underwhelming anti-air options, but Bass makes up for this by using his teleport to avoid Rico’s air attacks instead of just taking the pressure. Having taken notice of Rico’s withering defense in his set with Nicky, Bass turns it to his advantage, limiting Rico’s options while strengthening his own. The fourth game came down to a tug o’ war over who would seize the last hit, a contest won by Bass because of his clutch Shadow Counter that blows up Rico’s attempt at pressure!

The Grand Finals comes down to a final game with Bass riding off the momentum from his previous read. Rico’s minions are quickly removed from the equation due to Bass’s Shadow Skulls, and Rico himself gradually loses all opportunities to take a flight back to the Astral Plane. After an arduous struggle, Bass defeats Rico Suave 3-2 to win the first KrossUp bracket!


Tournament Placings and Prizes

1st Place: UA Bass
Winnings: $150 and 75 league points

2nd Place: Rico Suave
Winnings: $100 and 50 league points

3rd/4th Place: Circa Nicky
Winnings: $50 and 25 league points

3rd/4th Place: Raven is Raw
Winnings: $50 and 25 league points

5th Place: UA Kalypso
Winnings: 10 league points

5th Place: 21 Papi
Winnings: 10 league points

5th Place: oS Aphex
Winnings: 10 league points

5th Place: SonicDolphin117
Winnings: 10 league points

Match Log

UA Bass (Cinder): 3 vs. oS Aphex (Rash): 0
Circa Nicky (Fulgore): 3 vs. UA Kalypso (Sadira): 0
Rico Suave (Gargos): 3 vs. 21 Papi (Orchid, Hisako and Kilgore): 0
Raven is Raw (Spinal): 3 vs. SonicDolphin117 (Kim Wu): 0
Circa Nicky (Fulgore): 2 vs. Rico Suave (Gargos): 3
UA Bass (Cinder): 3 vs. Raven is Raw (Spinal): 0
-Grand Finals-
Rico Suave (Gargos): 2 vs. UA Bass (Spinal): 3


Congratulations to UA Bass for being the first to seize the KrossUp crown! With seven weeks to go, will he keep his throne or surrender it to another killer with equal or more skill?! Only time will tell!

To sign up for our next KrossUp bracket, and to read up on the current standings, please go to this page. When registering, make sure your Xbox Live username is displayed correctly so our staff can keep track of your progress – any IDs that are incorrectly typed will only slow down the progress of the tournament. To learn more on how to operate, check out this page.

To clarify, this series is open to North American players (USA and Canada) on both the Xbox One and Windows 10 platforms, for as long as they are at least seventeen years of age.

It was a privilege to be invited to cast the KrossUp bracket alongside Mr Aquaman! We hope the commentary was music to your ears! We’ll be back next Saturday and hopefully you will as well!

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