Two Guest Characters coming to Tekken 7 post-release!

As the release date for Tekken 7 approaches, Bandai Namco takes it upon themselves to tease us with extra content coming to the game after its initial launch.

As seen in the image above, Namco hints at new game modes and costumes to be added to the game this summer, which is the time period when Tekken 7 hits retail and online stores. They’ve also announced that “two guest characters from other game series” will join the roster during the final months of the year and then in the spring of 2018.

Guest characters have always been a huge topic for fans of fighting game franchises. Some welcome the idea while others detest it due to the desire to keep the game restricted to characters whose origins stem from the franchise they support. There have also been times when guest characters – such as Kratos from the PS3 version of Mortal Kombat 9 and Master Yoda from Soul Calibur IV – were banned from tournament play for reasons that include console exclusivity and extremely poor balance.

However, with today’s technology, it’s possible to balance the characters in a fighting game to meet the visions of the developers. They’ve also undergone extensive testing sessions by allowing players from around the globe to test the early versions of their product, hence why players have been able to compete in Tekken 7 at various FGC events including Final Round XX. Therefore, we have confidence that these guest characters will be appropriately balanced for the sake of competitive play, though nothing can be promised at this time.

The burning question is…which foreign characters will join the Tekken universe this June?

Something else worth noting is that another cast member was confirmed for the launch roster two weeks ago. Eddy Gordo, a practitioner of Brazilian Capoeira, is ready to make his return to the King of Iron Fist tournament! He will be available across all platforms for Tekken 7.

As quoted on the official website for Bandai Namco, here is a quick biography about Eddy Gordo:

“Eddy Gordo’s connection to the Mishima Zaibatsu began when he pleaded with Jin Kazama to help treat the serious illness afflicting his Capoeira master. In return for the treatment, Eddy would wield his deadly skills at Jin’s command. Unfortunately for Eddy, not even the technology of the Mishima Zaibatsu could save Eddy’s master and he soon swore to take vengeance against the Mishima Zaibatsu led by Kazuya Mishima.”

Given Tekken’s history of a legacy curve throughout the entire franchise, hardcore players can expect to be familiar with Eddy Gordo’s moveset while perhaps discovering new tools to incorporate into their gameplay.

What other fighters will join the lineup?! Follow this blog and the pages below to stay informed on news for Tekken 7!

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