Trunks Reveal Trailer for Dragonball FighterZ + Registration for Beta opens July 26th

As previously mentioned in this article by SomeBeardy2Love, Siliconera reported that Future Trunks was revealed in an issue of the Jump magazine as an upcoming addition to the roster for Dragonball Fighter Z. This revelation was met with delight from DBZ enthusiasts around the world.

A pre-release build for the game was featured at EVO 2017 this weekend, but unfortunately Trunks was not included among the playable characters. However, while the World Finals for EVO continued to rage on at Las Vegas’s Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino, a trailer featuring Trunks was released into the wild. Check it out!

Accompanying this trailer is an announcement that a closed beta for the game is coming to the Xbox One and PS4. Registration for the beta will open on on July 26th, which is a little over a week from today! This detail is highlighted in the video’s description tab on its YouTube page.

The game’s final version is due for release on both consoles and PC in early 2018. Follow this blog and the pages below to stay updated on Dragonball Fighter Z!

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