Trailer for “Living the Game” – Documentary on Japanese FGC

It’s no secret that the Japanese have a notably large presence in the fighting game community, especially when it comes to the iconic Street Fighter series. Whenever you travel to a major event, you can almost always expect some of the competitors to be among the top dogs in Japan, such as Daigo Umehara, Tokido, Mago, and so on.

Speaking of Daigo, a special trailer dropped via his Twitter account not long ago. This clip is a look at a project called “Living the Game,” which offers insight into the Japanese FGC (fighting game community). The full documentary will be shown at the Hot Docs Film Festival in Canada this May.

In this clip, Daigo acknowledges the challenges faced by enthusiastic gamers from all eras, but most notably the past, where esports wasn’t as developed and society didn’t see the value in competitive minds striving to out-think one another. Yet, he and other gamers chose to commit themselves to the art that defined them more than any other, and no matter how heavy the pressure, they stuck to their guns and are now recognized among the best players around the globe today. This just goes to show that as you nurture a flower, it eventually blossoms into something amazing.

Check out the preview below!