Tournament Roster Announced for CEO 2017!

UPDATED: Shortly after the initial creation of this post, an eleventh game was revealed as part of the lineup for CEO. As well, it has been announced that registration will open this Friday. Please read on for details.

CEO, also known as Community Effort Orlando, is a yearly major event hosted in – obviously – the sun-drenched state of Florida! Founded and overseen by Mr. Alex Jebailey, CEO has evolved into an event of near-unmatched standards when it comes to fighting game tournaments. A series of mini-events blessed with CEO’s logo is also hosted throughout the year.

As a testament to its growth, WWE legends Xavier Woods and Kenny Omega paid a visit to the event last year to entertain the audience, but not through wrestling. Instead, they trade rounds in Capcom’s trademark title, Street Fighter V. Check out the clip below to relive the excitement!

CEO takes place in Orlando, FL on June 16 – 18 at the Wyndham Orlando Resort. Registration will not go live until this Friday, as confirmed in the Twitter post below:

The first question that comes to mind is, what games will we see at CEO? Well, continue reading for a series of Twitter posts that confirms the official roster.

When you consider the fact that CEO’s entrant counts are increasing every year, enough to be considered a worthy rival to EVO itself…wow. That is a lot of competition to prepare for.

Something else to keep in mind is that, according to Mr. Jebailey, this will be CEO’s last year at the Wyndham Resort, but not its last year period. The event will be relocated to a new venue once it completes its 2017 run. Details will be shared once they become available.

Please check back for an update on CEO when its registration page goes live! You can also follow CEO Gaming’s Twitter to stay informed.

For a preview of what you will experience at Orlando in five months from now, check out this clip of Tokido vs. Infiltration in the event’s first Grand Finals for Street Fighter V.