Top 8 for First RBPG Online Qualifier on March 31st

Yesterday, over 250 fighters convened online to participate in the first of three SFV online qualifiers for the Red Bull Proving Grounds. The winners of each qualifier would make up a team of players to be sent out to the North American Finals at Santa Monica this June, for the chance to win not only cash prizes but also a fully paid trip to Evolution 2017.

How this works: the qualifier would be divided into two brackets. Four players from each bracket would battle their way into the Top 8 finals to be played tonight at 9 P.M. Eastern Time.

If you play Street Fighter V and think you have what it takes to take on the elites, you can sign up for the next online qualifier, keep a close eye on Red Bull’s Smash.GG page. None of the later brackets are live yet, but once they become available they will be added to the page and you can sign up.

So who are the players that broke into the Top 8 for tonight? Check out the image below!

Congratulations to all eight of these hardcore Street Fighters for surviving the competition to make it near the top! But of course, only one of these warriors will have the honor of being recognized as the best player tonight.

So readers, which of these players do you have your money on? Please let us know on Twitter!

For more information on the Red Bull Proving Grounds, visit their website and/or follow their Twitter account.