Today, @Maximilian_ and @MarkMan23 will appear on Tekken Talk to test Tekken 7!

Today at 3 P.M. Pacific Time, two of the FGC’s biggest names, Maximilian Dood and Mark Julio, will appear on the Tekken Talk show to show off some of the content for Bandai Namco’s upcoming fighting game, Tekken 7.

You’ve read the Facebook post correctly: you’ll get an inside look at the game’s story mode, as well as features called Treasure Battle and the Jukebox! Additionally, we’ll get a look at some gameplay with Eliza, who is available only to those who preorder Tekken 7!

Check out this Twitter post to learn how to stay up to date on today’s Tekken Talk.

Tekken 7 will drop for the Playstation 4 and Xbox One on June 2nd, 2017. Again, players can get early access to Eliza regardless of whichever version of the game they preorder, but those who reserve the standard edition for the Xbox One will also get access to Tekken 6, which was recently given backwards compatibility. As well, depending on which edition of the game you preorder, you’ll get access to exclusive content – see this page from the Tekken website for more information.

A little insight on Max and Mark here:

  • Maximilian Dood is known to be a huge name when it comes to the production of YouTube content. Unlike most creators, he makes it a goal to involve his audience in more ways than one. He offers insight on fighting games no matter their brand, from both a casual perspective and a competitive standpoint. You can almost always find him either observing or commentating fighting game tournaments around the country. His passion for fighting games would eventually lead him to get involved in production for Killer Instinct Season 2. Follow his YouTube to enjoy his content!
  • Mark Julio a.k.a. MarkMan23 was originally one of the head figures involved with the MadCatz brand before its unfortunate closure weeks ago. While he is primarily active as a community manager for the Tekken franchise, he is also a consultant for Razer and a “global biz dev” for the EVO team. He usually pops up on the EVO reveal show every year to “persuade” Mr. Wizard to add his favorite fighting game to the roster. 😉 Check him out at his Twitter!

We’re pretty excited for Tekken ourselves, so we’ll be keeping an eye out! For more information on Tekken, follow this blog and the pages below:

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