Titanfall 2 Gets All New DLC Between Now And June

In this day and age, it gets harder and hard for multiplayer games to stay relevant. However, Titanfall 2 developer, Respawn, recently promised to reveal more of its future content plans for the game soon. Keeping some of it a mystery while flat out telling fans some of the facts and what to look forward to. The best part for fans is all of the DLC coming will be free.

The studio recently gave everyone details for a decent amount of content that the game will be getting between now (April) and June, and ad sneak peek of what they have in mind beyond that. In a blog post, the studio revealed that it’s also been working on a new Titan.

No details about this Titan were revealed, unfortunately. However, four new maps will be released before the end of June, two for the recently launched Live Fire mode, and two for the rest of the modes.

According to VG247.com,

“Two new Prime Titans will also see release during the same period for Ronin, and Tone. The plan includes other updates such as an increase of the Gen level cap to 100, extended private match settings, a new multiplayer faction, and new executions.”

The new Marked for Death game mode is also launching during the same time as an update to the game’s matchmaking makes its way to players. Respawn will also add further cosmetic items for fans to purchase.

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