Tickets for @EL’s Group B Live Show are available!

The Group B matches for the ELEAGUE SFV invitational will happen next Friday on April 21st, at the G Fuel ELEAGUE arena in Atlanta, GA!

Similar to the Group A showdown, the matches will run by a double elimination format. The two players left standing will proceed to the Top 8 bracket. So far, PG Punk and Echo Fox Momochi have survived the ordeal and are waiting to learn of the other six players they will face off against at the end of May.

The six players that will compete against one another in Group B are as follows:

  • PR Balrog
  • RB Snake Eyez
  • Eita
  • GamerBee
  • Echo Fox Justin Wong
  • Daigo Umehara

To get your tickets, head to the ELEAGUE website.

Also, the ELEAGUE Twitter has begun dropping player profiles for each of its competitors in the invitational. These basically offer insight into each player’s history with the FGC, including match highlights, interviews, etc. Today, we are treated to a profile for Daigo “The Beast” Umehara, one of the Group B players ready to brawl next week. Check it out!

Once the Group B bracket is whittled down to its final matches, they will be broadcast live to the globe via the TBS network! The program will air at 10 P.M. EST next Friday.

Want to catch up on the Group A results? Check out this article.

Good luck to the ELEAGUE competitors!