Tickets available for Group D Live Show at @EL this Friday!

This week, we’ll witness the final group of SFV pros confronting each other with the goal of surviving long enough to proceed to the finale of the ELEAGUE SFV Invitational! If you live in Atlanta or close to the area, you can get a ticket for a front-row seat at the ELEAGUE G-Fuel arena!

To get your tickets, visit the ELEAGUE website now!

The following players survived the preliminaries last month to make it this far, but only two of them will proceed to the Top 8 bracket for May 26th. They are:

  • Liquid Nuckledu
  • Xiao Hai
  • Phenom
  • Luffy
  • Chris Tatarian
  • Ryan Hart

For the players not included in the invitational, they can still get in on the competition by signing up for an Amateur Showdown at the ELEAGUE studio! Entry is for free and players can win up to $300 in cash prizes! To confirm your entry, check out this event page at Facebook.

The Group D playoffs will air on TBS this Friday at 10:00 P.M. EST. Make sure to check your local network or have your DVRs ready if you cannot be at home to catch the exciting action! You can also tune in to ELEAGUE via the live stream at their YouTube page!

Missed out on the results for the first three groups? The following is the list of players who have qualified for the finale:

Winner’s Bracket
PR Balrog
PG Punk
RZR Fuudo

Loser’s Bracket
Daigo Umehara
Echo Fox Momochi

It’s been a long two months, but we’re racing towards the final showdown at light speed! Make sure to tune in for the Group D playoffs!

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