@TheStreetWriter interviews the EVO 2017 SFV Champion – @tokidoki77

While EVO has come to an end this year, we’re not ready to leave it behind just yet!

Matt Edwards, also known as The Street Writer, approached Echo Fox Tokido after his victory at the SFV World Finals to get an interview. The two discuss a variety of topics including Tokido’s character choice, his path to victory, and even his opinions on his opponents, PG Punk in particular.

You can find the complete interview in the video below.

Missed out on watching Street Fighter V at EVO? No need to fret – all match footage has been uploaded to the Capcom Fighters YouTube page! If you watch any of it, we recommend watching the Top 8 above all others, it is absolutely amazing.

For the second year in a row, the Street Fighter V world finals were shared via ESPN2, but Disney XD also decided to extend their coverage to Street Fighter after broadcasting the finals for Smash Wii-U, which were taken by MVG Salem. Viewership for the broadcast was estimated to around an average of 180,000 viewers, which is reported as a slight decrease in the size of the audience since last year. However, max concurrent viewership across the EVO stream, ESPN and DisneyXD altogether surpasses 500,000!

For almost a decade, the highest Tokido has ever placed in Street Fighter at EVO was second place. His determination to break the curse was endless, and as of last weekend, his efforts have finally been rewarded. Additionally, as EVO is considered part of the Capcom Pro Tour, his victory qualifies him for the Capcom Cup in December!

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