The Pokkén Community announces the Pokkén Arena Circuit!

Note: Image is credited to the PokkénArenaCRCT Twitter account.

As Labor Day weekend rolled around, the Pokkén players banded together to create a league that caters specifically to those supporting their game – the Pokkén Arena Circuit!

The first season of the Pokkén Arena Circuit consists of an eight-month period where players can participate in a collection of events to win league points. Amount varies depending on how high their result is. By June 1st of next year, the top three players with the winning amount will receive free housing for any major event held in the summer of 2018. Benefits will increase for those who placed second or first in the PAC.

Any Pokkén Tournament DX double elimination events featuring prize payouts can be submitted to the Pokkén Arena Circuit. Points will be distributed to the Top 8 of each event in the circuit. Amount of points to be distributed varies depending on the number of entrants for the bracket.

Something important to note: all events submitted to the PAC must be done offline. They cannot be held online for any reason.

If you’re a Pokkén player, or you have plans to give the DX upgrade a try when it drops this month, feel free to check out the PAC’s page at SmashGG – The first season will officially launch when Pokken’s bracket goes live at SoCal Regionals 2017, which will occur at the Anaheim Convention Center at the end of September.

Although the PAC currently features only six events (with more to come), it is already approaching up to one-hundred unique participants at an alarming speed!

Thanks go out to the members of the Pokkén community for coming together to present this league, especially to the following players:

  • Fumu
  • Burnside
  • Scatz
  • Combo
  • Sabrewolf
  • Jetsplit
  • Allister
  • Drakonzeta
  • 6tennis

This circuit is organized in preparation for the arrival of Pokkén Tournament DX, which drops for the Nintendo Switch on September 22nd.

Pokkén Arena Circuit Twitter
Pokkén Arena Twitter