The Nintendo Switch is coming March 3rd, 2017!


Last night, Nintendo took to the airwaves to share a treasure trove of information regarding the next chapter of their home entertainment consoles, which is about to throw players for a loop. The company has christened their new product the Nintendo Switch!

This new console combines the experience of playing at home and playing on a handheld console all in one product. You can play your favorite games on the big screen at home, and if you feel like taking your endeavors outdoors, you can attach the Joy-con controller panels to the handheld version inside the Switch itself and pull it out to take with you! Think of it as like playing the Nintendo Wii-U and the Nintendo 3DS at the same time, with only one device as the requirement!

As you might expect, the Switch also comes with networking features such as the ability to battle against other players one-on-one or teaming up with fellow Switchers, and it can all be done wireless! If you play multiplayer games, you’re never going to want to stay inside!

As well as overhauling the player’s controller options, the Nintendo Switch boasts breathtaking graphics whether you play on the big screen or the small screen, making these new games look that much better! Whether you play at home or in the great outdoors, you will become so immersed in these graphics that you may well have become a part of the world within the game!

Players will get their first chances to experience the Nintendo Switch on March 3rd, 2017, as announced in the company’s approximate two-hour presentation yesterday! The price tag will be $299.99 for North American consumers. Pre-orders are currently being accepted across multiple websites.

Of course, a new console is not complete without titles, right? Well, it has been revealed that over eighty titles are in production for the Switch, some of which are slated to release alongside the console as launch titles, including the highly anticipated The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild! Titles to be released after launch include Super Mario Odyssey and Xenoblade Chronicles 2, the former of which is set for the end of 2017.

Can’t wait?! Well, neither can we! For more details, you can go to the Nintendo Switch’s official website to learn more about the console of your dreams before it is finally released to us! If you missed out on the presentation, you can view it there or at the YouTube link provided above.

Now if you will excuse us, we’d like to get hype again from watching the trailer! Until next time. 🙂