“The Lines are Redrawn.” Injustice 2 Story Trailer!

The surprise that was teased just last week has dropped in the form of an AMAZING trailer that clearly hints towards Injustice 2’s storyline. Included are some other details that we know will pique your interest! Unfortunately, gameplay is not among them for now.

First…let us not keep you waiting any longer. Enjoy the trailer! (source: InjusticeGame Twitter)

Now that you’ve had your overdose of hype, let’s highlight the “details” mentioned before.

As you’ve likely noticed via the annotation, Netherrealm Studios will showcase a character reveal via a broadcast entitled the Injustice Watchtower Livestream! Which character, they did not say, but perhaps it could be Darkseid, who was revealed to be available via pre-order at the end of the trailer? Read here for the official article on Darkseid’s availability.

Or, it could be another character entirely…NRS has always had a reputation for being tricky with their hints. All we can do is wait…AGAIN! For a week!

But undoubtedly this story trailer will do its job in keeping you on edge for a lengthy amount of time. Check back next Tuesday for details on the reveal by NRS!

P.S. Next Tuesday is also when the EVO 2017 reveal is scheduled to offer. See here for more information!