The LC-202 Error Code On Overwatch: What It is And How To Fix It

Some of you that play Overwatch on Xbox One or PlayStation 4 may be getting an odd error code that you have not seen before. It is a particular connection error that keeps cropping up every now in then for Overwatch players. Error LC-202 prevents the game from doing the initial log in, meaning you get stuck

There is a number of things that could be causing this error. Blizzard believes that chief among them is your console’s connectivity to the internet. Most players with great connection on their consoles connect to the internet through a cable, and not wirelessly. If you aren’t doing that and can than Blizzard suggests this action first.

If the connection type is not an issue,  it is always a wise choice to check if there are any problems with your console’s internet connectivity by performing a basic connection test through settings.

However, if that doesn’t fix it, you’ll need to dig deeper. There is a tool specific to Blizzard to try and spot an issue. Blizzard’s looking glass tool is a great way for you test your connection to Blizzard servers.

“If you are in fact having trouble reaching Blizzard servers, see if you have these ports open in your router. This is a ‘last resort’ step that’s different for each router, so don’t change things unless you know what you’re doing. Simply google your router’s model name with the words “port forwarding” and follow the guide.”

If the problem continues even after trying the workarounds above, it’s best to check if this is not a global issue with Blizzard’s servers. Hopefully, this list of issues helps you out Heroes and you can get back to delivering that payload!


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