The KIWC Sets Severe Penalties For Taunting

Taunting is something that is a staple in the fighting game community. While some believe it is a manner in which a player teases his opponent by bouncing around and saying “Hey! I lack so much concern for this match that I’ll risk a 2-second window for the sake of tomfoolery,” in an attempt to tilt their opponent, others simply use the function for good fun.

Whether it be genuine rudeness, or a harmless gesture, the organizers of the Killer Instinct World Cup will be enforcing a strict rule regarding unprofessional behavior during the event – namely, teabagging, Killer Instinct’s version of taunting. Those who repeatedly, and intentionally, press down on their controller will receive a ban for the rest of the year’s Killer Instinct World Cup events.

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This was technically not a new announcement, as this was a rule that was enforced during last year’s event, but the subject arose when a heated argument in the Killer Instinct Ultimate Fans Facebook group led to one user threatening another with physical violence. Why? Because of his opinion on taunting.

“It started about Shadow Jago and later talked about [a particular player] using his taunt,” said tournament organizer Rotendo Camarena to PVPLive, “Then someone got salty about losing and expressed their opinion about taunts/tea bagging — then made a threat about physical violence towards someone if they were to see them in-person at a tournament.”

“The reasoning is simple sportsmanship/professionalism,” wrote KIWC administrator Brandon Alexander, “Plus on top of that it seems to be causing players to start threatening others. We promote a fun, professional and safe experience. Not a violent and unprofessional one.”

Alexander went on to say that if fans don’t approve of the ruling, they don’t need to attend the event, and expressed a strong interest in setting a standard for other events.

However, Killer Instinct developer Adam “Keits” Hart accused the ruling of being “shortsighted” and claims that it “removes [an] important human aspect [from the gameplay].” He encouraged the use of taunt as a form of psychological warfare.

Combo Breaker director Hadou shared a similar sentiment, taking to Twitter to say that he expects “so much taunting, corpse dancing, baggery and such,” at Frosty Faustings IX, the next major KI event to take place January 27th-28th in Elmhurts, Illinois.

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